PUBG’s Nostalgic Erangel Classic Map Return


Krafton, the developers of the popular battle royale game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), has announced the launch of a limited-time event called “Erangel Classic.”

This mode aims to recreate the nostalgic experience of PUBG’s early access days by bringing back the original Erangel map with its classic graphics, gameplay elements, and balancing.

What Makes Erangel Classic Unique?

Erangel Classic is designed to evoke nostalgia for players who have been with PUBG since its early access launch in March 2017.

The mode blends the original concepts and atmosphere of the Erangel map with current gameplay elements, providing a unique old-school experience.

Here are some of the key features that make Erangel Classic stand out:

  • Benches with weapons placed on them across the starting island.
  • Adjusted gunplay balance with reduced recoil
  • The return of the Tommy Gun in Care Packages
  • Foggy and rainy weather conditions, as well as classic graphics, world map, and minimap.

When and Where Can You Play Erangel Classic?

PUBG players will have a limited-time opportunity to experience Erangel Classic in Normal Match mode.

The event will run from May 14 to May 28 on PC and from May 23 to June 6 on consoles.

During this period, Erangel Classic will replace the current Erangel map in Normal Match.

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