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Life by You Cancelled: Paradox’s Ambitious Sims Competitor Falls Short

The gaming world was abuzz with excitement when Paradox Interactive announced Life by You, an open-world life simulation game touted as a formidable competitor to Electronic Arts’ beloved The Sims franchise. With promises of unparalleled customization, real-language conversations, and a modding-friendly platform, Life by You seemed poised to dethrone the reigning king of life sims. However, in a disappointing turn…

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PUBG’s Nostalgic Erangel Classic Map Return

Krafton, the developers of the popular battle royale game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), has announced the launch of a limited-time event called “Erangel Classic.” This mode aims to recreate the nostalgic experience of PUBG’s early access days by bringing back the original Erangel map with its classic graphics, gameplay elements, and balancing. What Makes Erangel Classic…

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Krafton Invests in Far From Home, Makers of Forever Skies

Krafton, the South Korean gaming giant behind the smash-hit PUBG: Battlegrounds, has acquired a minority stake in Far From Home, the Polish independent studio behind the highly anticipated game Forever Skies. This investment is part of Krafton’s strategy to support promising independent developers and their creative visions. Promising New Title: Forever Skies Forever Skies is…

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PUBG Set to Soar with New Features in 2024: What’s New for the Battle Royale Phenomenon

As PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) celebrates its 7th anniversary, the game that pioneered the battle royale craze is gearing up for an epic year of updates and new content. The 2024 Roadmap promises an overhaul that will elevate the live service to dizzying new heights. So what exactly is in store? Destructible Environments Players can strategically…

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