Explore A Flooded Future In Upcoming Game Highwater


Highwater is an upcoming adventure game set in a flooded post-climate catastrophe world.

Developed by Demagog Studio and published by Rogue Games, it features turn-based combat and puzzle-solving.

Surviving The Flood

In Highwater’s dystopian future, rising sea levels have flooded the world.

The wealthy live in the protected city Alphaville, while the rest survive in flooded regions like Highwater.

Players take the role of Nikos, exploring flooded islands by boat, gathering resources, and listening to pirate radio.

The flooded world is colorful yet perilous.


Turn-Based Combat And Puzzles

Highwater mixes adventure with turn-based tactical combat.

Enemies are defeated using careful positioning and environmental objects.

Pushing a shopping cart to crush foes or finding alternate routes creates unique puzzle-like battles.

Combat demands strategic thinking rather than brute force.

Environment interactions add unpredictability and player creativity to the grid-based battles.

The focus is on outwitting foes, not overpowering them.


Escape To Mars

As resources dwindle and climate catastrophe worsens, Nikos dreams of joining the wealthy and escaping flooded Earth to live on Mars colonies.

This provides an overarching narrative to drive the scavenging, survival gameplay, and encounters in Highwater’s watery world.



Expanded Universe

Highwater is set in the same universe as earlier titles Golf Club Wasteland and The Cub, forming an eclectic post-apocalyptic trilogy from Demagog Studio.

For fans of clever indie games and dystopian sci-fi, Highwater is shaping up to be an imaginative flooded-earth adventure.

Strategic battles and environmental puzzles promise challenges for the mind rather than reflexes.


Adventurers seeking a freshly flooded world setting and thoughtful turn-based battles should watch for Highwater’s release on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

The game was already available for iPhone or iPad users via Netflix last year.

Will you survive the floods and escape to space?

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