Krafton’s Gamescom 2024 Lineup: A Sneak Peek

gamescom 2024 dark and darker mobile

Krafton, the South Korean gaming giant, has announced its participation at Gamescom 2024, taking place from August 21 to 25 in CologneGermany.

Gamescom is considered the world’s largest gaming event, marked by its extensive exhibition space and the number of visitors.

The event is significant because it reflects the industry’s trends and innovations, connecting game developers, publishers, journalists, and the public.

Krafton is pulling out all the stops for Gamescom 2024, featuring a booth themed around their “Scale-up the Creative” strategy.

This approach aims to discover new excitement in games, promising visitors an immersive experience with hands-on demos and various events.

Dark and Darker Mobile: A New Spin on Extraction RPGs

One of the highlights of Krafton’s lineup is Dark and Darker Mobile, an upcoming extraction RPG, and the adaptation of the popular PC dungeon-crawling game.

The game is expected to retain many core elements of its PC counterpart, including the challenging PvPvE gameplay, diverse character classes, and the thrill of looting valuable treasures.

However, it will likely feature optimized controls and a streamlined user interface to suit the mobile platform.

The global test is planned for early August in key markets like Korea, the United States, Japan, and Türkiye, with a global launch planned later this year.

inZOI: A New Life Simulation Game


inZOI stands out as a life simulation game that puts players in the shoes of a god. With the power to create anything and live out their ideal life, players will engage in various stories within a comprehensively simulated city.

The game promises a realistic experience with features like:

  • Characters acting on their own free will
  • Events such as sickness, trends, and gossip occurring organically
  • Upcoming additions including Cars, Group Activities, Karma, City Edit, Studio, and Photo Mode

PUBG: Battlegrounds: 7th Anniversary

As PUBG: Battlegrounds celebrates its 7th anniversary, visitors to Gamescom can expect to see new content for this battle royale juggernaut.

Which Other Korean Gaming Companies Are Joining Gamescom 2024?

Krafton isn’t the only Korean gaming powerhouse making waves at Gamescom 2024. Here’s a look at what other companies are bringing to the table:

Nexon: First Berserker: Kazan

Nexon is set to showcase its upcoming action RPG, “First Berserker: Kazan,” developed by its subsidiary Neople.

Kazan is a PC and console action game based on the “Dungeon & Fighter” IP, featuring animation-style graphics and enhanced combat mechanics.

Pearl Abyss: Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert

Another Korean company, Pearl Abyss, is also preparing to showcase “Crimson Desert,” a highly anticipated game that is currently in the final stages of development.

Originally planned as an MMO, Crimson Desert was later reworked into an open-world game single-player-RPG with multiplayer elements.

While specific details about the multiplayer aspects remain unclear, early developer interviews suggest it may feature instance-based multiplayer similar to games like Genshin Impact.

We will likely see the playable demo at Gamescom, with a potential 2025 release on Xbox X/S and PS5.

Pearl Abyss also planning to make an appearance at Korea’s GStar event in November.

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