Rockstar Games Faces Another Setback with GTA 5 Source Code Breach


Rockstar Games, the iconic studio behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, has seemingly been rocked by another major leak.

Reports are swirling that the complete source code of Grand Theft Auto 5 has been leaked online, alongside potential files and codes for the highly anticipated GTA 6 and the long-rumored Bully 2.

This breach marks a significant blow to the developer and raises significant questions about the future of these beloved titles.

Leaked Loot: A Treasure Trove or Pandora’s Box?

The leak, first reported by YouTuber SKizzleAXE, allegedly includes a treasure trove of data.

Screenshots reportedly show early map designs for GTA 5, suggesting a vastly different Los Santos than the sprawling metropolis we know and love.

More interestingly, the leak hints that GTA 6 was previously codenamed “Project Americas,” offering a compelling glimpse into the game’s development process.

But the implications extend far beyond early concept art.

Gaming Detective claims the leak could have severe technical repercussions, potentially delaying the launch of highly anticipated titles like GTA 6.

This, of course, is a worst-case scenario, but the possibility alone sends shivers down the spines of millions of eager fans.

Bully 2 Back in the Spotlight?

Adding fuel to the speculation fire, the leak reportedly contains a file hinting at Bully 2, the long-awaited sequel to Rockstar’s 2006 cult classic.

While rumors of Bully 2 have persisted for years, Rockstar has remained tight-lipped about its existence.

This file, if genuine, throws open the possibility of Bully 2 finally rolling onto our screens, much to the delight of nostalgic gamers.

bully 2

Rockstar’s Lost Gem: The Saga of ‘Agent’

In 2009, Rockstar and Take-Two announced – ‘Agent,’ a PS3 exclusive promising a departure from Grand Theft Auto’s urban chaos.

CEO Ben Feder hinted at a fresh narrative, centered on 1970s espionage.

Developed by Rockstar North, the studio behind GTA IV, ‘Agent’ vanished for 14 years before being quietly canceled in 2014.

A James Bond-inspired game with spy adventures in San Andreas, it promised diverse locations and a climactic space showdown.

Recently, a former Rockstar North dev spilled the beans on ‘Agent’ being abandoned because of next GTA project.


Deja Vu: A Repeat of History?

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Rockstar has faced major leaks.

In September 2022, over 90 GTA 6 gameplay videos were leaked online by a teenage hacker, marking one of the biggest leaks in gaming history.

The hacker, Arion Kurtaj, was subsequently sentenced to an indefinite period in hospital prison based on a mental assessment.

In November of this year, a database file from GTA 5 surfaced, revealing strings related to Trevor, one of the game’s protagonists, and even a jet pack.

The leak also resurrected discussions about Bully 2, a rumored sequel that remains shrouded in mystery, as no official announcement has been made.


In Summary:

  • GTA 5 Tokyo
  • Project America
  • Bully 2
  • Agent
The list of all the DLCs canceled because of Grand Theft Auto Online:
  • Manhunt,
  • Agent Trevor,
  • Assassination,
  • Liberty City,
  • Relationship,
  • Prologue,
  • Enterprise,
  • Norman

Rockstar Remains Silent: An Ominous Calm?

While TakeTwo Interactive is taking down links leading to the source code, reports are coming in of a 200GB source file, which includes assets and 3D models.

Hackers are currently negotiating whether they will publish this.

As of now, Rockstar Games has yet to officially comment on the leak.

This silence is deafening, leaving fans to speculate and worry about the potential consequences.

Will GTA 6 be delayed?

Will Bully 2 ever see the light of day?

These questions hang heavy in the air, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and anticipation.

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