Marvel Rivals: Upcoming 6v6 multiplayer game, Check out Full Roster, Storyline and Unique Features


NetEase and Marvel Games have joined forces to bring you Marvel Rivals, a captivating 6v6 team-based free-to-play shooter for PC (Steam and Epic Games).

In this action-packed adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to take control of iconic heroes and villains from the beloved Marvel universe, including the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, and many more.

A Storyline: The Multiverse Collides

Marvel Rivals storyline involves the Fantastic Four’s arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom, and his future self from the year 2099, causing universes to collide in an event called the “Timestream Entanglement.”

This cataclysmic event sets off a series of crises that only Marvel’s superheroes can fix, with enemies becoming allies and heroes turning out to be villains along the way.


Who’s in the Marvel Rivals Roster?

According to Marvel, players will be able to choose from more than a dozen heroes during the alpha test in May.

In the trailer, Marvel Rivals revealed 18 playable characters, including familiar faces from the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and X-Men:

  1. Iron Man
  2. Loki
  3. Black Panther
  4. Rocket Raccoon
  5. Groot
  6. Star-Lord
  7. Mantis
  8. The Punisher
  9. Hulk
  10. Fantastic Four
  11. Spider-Man
  12. Peni Parker
  13. Magneto
  14. Storm
  15. Luna Snow
  16. Magik
  17. Namor
  18. Scarlet Witch
  19. Hela

More characters will be added with further tests and updates.


  • Yggsgard: Yggsdrasill Path
  • Yggsgard: Royal Palace
  • Tokyo 2099: Shin-Shibuya

Game Modes

  • Convoy
  • Domination
  • Convergence

What Makes Marvel Rivals Unique?

Ever-Changing Battlefields:

  • Players will witness the destruction of their surroundings as the cavalcade of powers unleashes in each match, whether it’s in Asgard, 2099’s Tokyo, or other iconic Marvel locations.
  • This destruction is not just for show; players can reshape the environment to gain tactical advantages over their opponents.

Dynamic Hero Synergy:

  • Marvel Rivals encourages strategic thinking through its Dynamic Hero Synergy system.
  • By finding the right combination of characters, players can unlock powerful synergies.
  • For example, Rocket Raccoon can hop on Groot’s back to become more powerful, while Hulk can unleash Gamma energy at Iron Man for a massive attack.
  • Mastering these synergies will be crucial for achieving victory.

Expanding Content:

  • Like other free-to-play live service games, Marvel Rivals will continue to evolve and gain new content as seasons progress.
  • Players can expect new playable characters, maps, and much more with each new season.
  • Additionally, each season will further explore the game’s story, which was written by the NetEase writing team.

The Developer Behind the Game

Marvel Rivals is being developed by Chinese gaming giant Netease Games, which has produced a series of hit games like Naraka: Bladepoint, EVE: Echoes, The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, and Dead by Daylight Mobile.

In addition, they have developed two other captivating games for the Marvel universe – Marvel Duel and Marvel Super War,

Stepping Into a Competitive Arena

With the launch of Marvel Rivals, Marvel will be entering a highly competitive arena where one false move, like overcharging for an item, can lead to player scorn.

The multiplayer shooter genre is already home to several behemoths like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Overwatch, and Apex Legends, so Marvel Rivals will have its work cut out to stand out.

The Closed Alpha Starting

The Closed Alpha for Marvel Rivals is set to begin on May 10, and applications are currently open.

A recent developer diary has revealed the around 19+ characters, 3 modes and 3 maps that will be available in the test, offering participants a roster of familiar faces and locations from the Marvel universe.

Out of the numerous applicants, 30,000 participants will be chosen to join the Closed Alpha, with selections being made according to their system specifications.

More Marvel Games Coming

Aside from Rivals, Marvel has unveiled an exciting lineup of games for the upcoming years, promising to captivate fans with thrilling adventures.

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