Skateboarding Onto Steam: EA’s Free-To-Play Skate Revival Confirmed for PC


Skate fans can finally kickflip for joy – EA has confirmed that the hotly-anticipated revival of the classic skateboarding franchise, simply titled Skate, will be grinding its way onto Steam when it launches.

Skate Reboot for PC

Skate fans have been eagerly anticipating the free-to-play Skate reboot ever since it was first teased back in 2020.

Now, after months of speculation, EA has finally confirmed that Skate will be released on Steam when it launches.

The Skate franchise has been dormant for over a decade, with Skate 3 being the last entry back in 2010.

While games like Session and Skater XL have tried to fill the void, fans have been clamoring for the return of the fan-favorite Skate series.

The previous Skate games were console exclusives, never released on PC.

This upcoming reboot will break that trend by launching on Steam.

EA recently confirmed the Steam release in a Twitter video, with Skate’s creative director Cuz Parry simply stating “Yes” when asked if the game would come to Valve’s platform ‘”Steam”.

While unconfirmed, a launch on the Epic Games Store also seems likely.

When Will See Skate?

While an exact release date remains elusive, the Skate team says console testing will kick off sometime in 2024.

The creative director also boldly claimed the game will be released before 2050.

Memes aside, this points to a launch in the next couple of years if all goes smoothly.

What do Fans Expect?

PC players should get hyped that soon they’ll finally be able to play an authentic Skateboarding simulator again.

The Steam release opens the game up to a massive new audience that has never experienced the franchise before.

Skate shook up the skating genre when it first launched, and the free-to-play reboot looks to do the same.

EA bringing Skate to PC shows they want as many people to try the game as possible.

Now the wait begins to see if the new Skate can pull off the kickflip of pleasing both nostalgic fans and newcomers when it launches.

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