Manor Lords Smashes City-Builder Records With 1 Million Sales in One Day

manor lords

The recently released city-building simulation game Manor Lords is off to an explosive start, selling over 1 million copies in just over 24 hours after launch.

Developed by a solo indie developer, this game has managed to break several records on Steam within just a day of its launch.

The surprise hit has also shattered concurrent player records for the city-building, grand strategy, and colony sim genres on Steam.

What Records Did Manor Lords Break?

According to Hooded Horse, the publisher of Manor Lords, the game has already sold over one million copies on Steam within just a day of its launch.

The game had been highly anticipated by gamers, residing at the top of Steam’s wishlist charts for several weeks racking up 3 million wishlists before the release date.

It’s no surprise that a significant portion of them converted into actual purchases upon launch.

This achievement is remarkable, considering the game’s niche genre and the intense competition in the gaming market.

Additionally, Manor Lords boasted a peak concurrent player count of 170,000 on Steam, which is reportedly the highest ever recorded for a city-builder, grand strategy, 4X, or colony simulation game.

What Makes Manor Lords Stand Out?

The game’s developer had been working on Manor Lords for years, drawing inspiration from classic city-builders like Pharaoh and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

But the game differentiates itself from other city-building games with its unique blend of gameplay mechanics and attention to detail.

The game’s medieval theme provides a refreshing change from the typical modern or futuristic settings found in many city-builders.

Players can immerse themselves in the world of lords, peasants, and sprawling medieval settlements, all while managing resources, constructing buildings, and defending against invaders.

The Road Ahead

Despite the overnight success, the launch hasn’t been completely smooth sailing.

The developer has already had to make some last-minute balance adjustments to powerful archer units and exploitable sheep farming mechanics.

However, the overall player reception has been hugely positive so far. As of writing the game sitting at 89% very positive score by over 17000 reviewers.

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