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A recent report from Spanish site Vandal (reported by Eurogamer) shares exclusive details about the next Nintendo hardware after receiving information from manufacturers who have already had first contact with the Switch 2.

Their colleague Rubén Mercado gained access to these exclusive details leaked during a fair where he was able to talk to several manufacturers of accessories and peripherals for the upcoming Nintendo console.

This gave him access to exclusive details about the Switch 2, similar to how information was obtained about the Nintendo Switch OLED model previously.

Manufacturers are often given early access to certain specifications and dimensions of upcoming consoles to prepare compatible accessories, which allows leaks and rumors to emerge before any official announcements from the console makers themselves.

Here is some exclusive information that Vandal shared about the future features of Switch 2:

Switch 2 Joy-Con Use Magnets to Connect

One of the biggest rumored changes is that the new Joy-Con controllers will connect to the main Switch 2 console using magnets rather than the rail system on the current Switch models.

According to Vandal’s sources from accessory manufacturers, the magnets would allow for easier attaching and detaching of the Joy-Con.

Larger Size

The report also states that the overall size of the Switch 2 console and Joy-Con controllers will be larger than the existing Switch, though not as big as the Steam Deck handheld.

This lines up with previous rumors of the Switch 2 having an 8-inch screen, an increase from the current 6.2-inch and 7-inch OLED displays.

Backwards Compatibility

According to the information gathered by Vandal, the manufacturers believe and assume (not confirmed about it) that Switch games will be playable on the Switch 2.

This suggests the new console will likely maintain full backwards compatibility with all games released for the original Nintendo Switch.

However, the report indicates there hasn’t been any specific talk about backwards compatibility of the system itself with the original Switch.

Typically, this would mean features like the ability to transfer saved data, gaming accounts, and potentially use accessories across both console generations.

Interestingly, it is mentioned that the Pro controllers from the current Nintendo Switch would be compatible with the new console.

This hints that the Switch 2 may have similar input methods and controller ports, ensuring an easy transition for those who invested in Pro controllers.

Use of NVIDIA chip and DLSS upscaling

The Switch 2 is rumored to use an NVIDIA chip, potentially based on the Ampere architecture found in the RTX 30 Series graphics cards.

It is also said to incorporate NVIDIA’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, which uses AI to upscale and improve image quality and performance.

Ray Tracing capabilities:

The inclusion of DLSS technology suggests that the Switch 2 may also support ray tracing, an advanced rendering technique that simulates the behavior of light in a more realistic way, improving the quality of real-time graphics in video games.

What’s the Release Date?

According to the accessory manufacturers mentioned, Nintendo may prefer to launch the Switch 2 in early 2025 with a more powerful game lineup, rather than releasing it in 2024.

Why Was Delayed?

The delay allows Nintendo more time to prepare a robust games library and potentially overcome any hardware issues like the persistent Joy-Con drift problems that plagued the original Switch.

With hundreds of developers already working on Switch 2 titles according to the previous report, the extra development time could pay off.

By connecting the Joy-Con via magnets, increasing the console size, and being compatible with Pro controllers, Nintendo appears to be evolving the Switch’s signature versatility for its next generation.

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