WhatsTheStatus 2k24 ban

Why Was WhatsTheStatus Banned from WWE 2K24 and How Did He Get Unbanned?

WhatsTheStatus is a prominent modder in the WWE 2K24 community, known for unlocking certain characters that were originally locked to specific gameplay modes. Recently he found himself in hot water when his creations were removed from the game’s Community Creation page, and he was subsequently banned. What Caused WhatsTheStatus’ Ban from WWE 2K24? The official…

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taylor-swift singing and you song lyrics

Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘So High School’ Has an Epic Grand Theft Auto Reference

In her latest album, Taylor Swift has fans buzzing with a surprising reference to the popular video game franchise Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Taylor Swift just dropped her highly anticipated 11th studio album ‘The Tortured Poets Department‘ on Friday, and fans have been feverishly decoding the lyrics ever since. The album contains 15 tracks, more than…

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