Age of Mythology: Retold – Everything We Know About the Upcoming RTS Remaster


Age of Mythology: Retold is an upcoming remaster of the classic real-time strategy (RTS) game Age of Mythology originally released in 2002.

Developed by World’s Edge and published by Xbox Game Studios, Retold aims to breathe new life into the mythological spin-off of the legendary Age of Empires series.

When is Age of Mythology: Retold Releasing?

Age of Mythology: Retold does not have a set release date yet.

However, it is slated to launch later this year simultaneously on Xbox consoles, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

What New Features Will Retold Have?

Art director Melinda Rose gave fans a sneak peek into some of the improvements coming in Age of Mythology: Retold during a special announcement video on YouTube.

  • All new 3D character and environment models
  • Upgraded HD textures
  • A completely revamped user interface
  • 12-player online mode
  • A campaign comprised of 50 missions.
  • Enhanced visual effects including lighting, shadows, water, etc.

To demonstrate, Rose showcased incredibly detailed augmented reality renders of characters like Medusa, Pegasus, and Cerberus.

It’s clear the team is deeply committed to revitalizing the visuals while staying true to the original game.

What Gameplay and Factions Can We Expect?

As a definitive edition, Age of Mythology: Retold will likely remain faithful to the classic gameplay formula that made the original a hit.

  • Players will be able to choose between the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse factions.
  • Each has its own unique units, gods, and strategies to command in battle.
  • The single-player and cooperative campaigns will return, challenging players to use their mythological forces wisely to defeat legendary enemies.

The core real-time strategy mechanics of gathering resources, building bases, training armies, and crushing your foes should feel pleasantly familiar to series veterans.

Why Are Fans Excited?

Age of Mythology built a dedicated fanbase that holds fond nostalgia for this childhood classic nearly 20 years later.

The game introduced innovative features like god powers, hero units, and towering myth units that set it apart from previous Age of Empires entries.

Retold represents a golden opportunity to re-experience the magic with a fresh coat of paint.

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