Another Crab’s Treasure Sells 30,000 Copies on Launch Day


Another Crab’s Treasure is the latest indie hit that launched on 25th April on multiple platforms.

Developed and published by Aggro Crab, this crustacean soulslike lets players control a heroic crab on a quest to recover his stolen shell.

In a recent post on X, the developer announced that Another Crab’s Treasure has already sold an incredible 30,000 copies across PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S just one day after launch.

It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Why Is This Indie Game Selling So Well?

There are a few key reasons behind Another Crab’s Treasure’s early sales success:

  • Unique Premise – Playing as a colorful funny crab immediately grabs attention with its novelty.
  • Strong Marketing – Aggro Crab has done an excellent job building hype through active social media promotion and leveraging the popularity of other hit indie games.
  • Soulslike Appeal – The challenging gameplay style popular with FromSoftware’s Souls games has a dedicated fan base eager for new experiences in that vein.

Positive Reviews

The game is receiving positive feedback from both fans and gaming experts.

On Steam, it currently has a very positive rating with a 93% score from over 900 reviewers.

If we look at the Steam top sellers list, Another Crab’s Treasure has a strong PC performance as of writing and sits at #16.

With its buzz worthy concept and impressive reviews, the game will likely keep driving more sales in the coming days and weeks.

Updated on 30 April: The game reached 100k sales in just 4 days.

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