Riot Games Gives Update About VALORANT Mobile and Console


Development updates about VALORANT mobile and console from Riot Games during the VCT Master Madrid press conference!

When Will VALORANT Mobile Release?

The highly anticipated mobile version of VALORANT, the hit tactical shooter from Riot Games, has been a topic of debate among gaming fans.

While the game was initially announced for mobile platforms back in 2021, nearly three years have passed without substantial updates on its development progress.

However, at the recent VCT Masters Madrid event, Anna Donlon, Riot’s studio head for VALORANT, provided some insights into the ongoing work on the mobile version.

According to Donlon,

“Development continues on VALORANT Mobile. While I don’t have a significant update today, we are diligently working on the game and its gameplay.”

Judging by the tone of the devs, we can assume that the mobile version is not coming anytime soon, at least not in 2024.

Despite the lack of timeline, recent leaks from playtests have offered a glimpse of VALORANT’s mobile iteration, leaving fans cautiously optimistic about its eventual release.

Is VALORANT Coming to Console Devices?

While VALORANT’s mobile adaptation remains a work in progress, Donlon expressed optimism about the potential for updates regarding other platforms, such as consoles, within the year.

“We’ve been transparent about exploring other platforms to see if we can deliver VALORANT’s premier gaming experience, considering the different control schemes. I’m hopeful for some solid updates this year,” ….she remarked.

This statement has ignited speculation among players, fueled by recent job listings for console developers at Riot Games.

However, Riot Games has yet to announce which consoles (PS5 or Xbox) might host VALORANT and when the actual development will start.

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