Sega and Disney Rumored to Collaborate on New Mobile Game: What Could It Be?


Sega and Disney are two iconic names in the entertainment industry, but they’ve never really crossed paths before.

That could be changing soon if the latest rumors are to be believed.

According to trusted Sega insider Midori, the two companies are reportedly working together on a brand-new mobile game set to launch in 2025.

What Could This Disney x Sega Mobile Game Be About?

While details about the rumored Sega-Disney mobile game remain scarce, speculation is rife among fans.

Some speculate that it could be a crossover game akin to the popular Kingdom Hearts series, which combines Square Enix characters (from  Final Fantasy, The World Ends with You, and Einhänder) with Disney’s iconic worlds and characters.

Here are all the possibilities we think about can outcome of this partnership:

  • An epic crossover action/platformer letting you swap between playing as Disney and Sega characters like Mickey Mouse and Sonic
  • Levels blending 2D side-scroller Sonic gameplay with immersive 3D Disney-inspired worlds
  • A multiplayer party/minigame collection with competitive games drawing from both brands
  • Kart racing as Disney and Sega duos, musical mini-games hosted by characters like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • An expansive free-to-play RPG combining Disney’s storytelling with Sega’s JRPG pedigree like Phantasy Star
  • Create an avatar to join a quest with Disney Princesses, Pixar heroes, and anthro Sega characters
  • Frequent updates adding new worlds and characters from both brands’ vast libraries
  • A new Sonic the Hedgehog experience inspired by classic Disney films
  • Sonic racing through re-imagined Disney movie settings like The Lion King, Frozen, etc.
  • Unlockable Disney character costumes and power-ups for Sonic
  • Mixing Disney’s iconic animation style with Sega’s gaming expertise
  • A Battle royale title akin to Fortnite.

Whatever form it takes, the prospect of Sega and Disney joining forces promises an exciting and unique gaming experience for mobile gamers.

Sega subsidiary Atlus is also rumored to be developing several mobile games for Netflix, as per Midori.

Sega Doubling Down on Mobile Games

While the idea of a Sega-Disney mobile game may sound exciting, it’s not entirely surprising given Sega’s increasing focus on the mobile gaming market.

The Japanese gaming giant has already released several successful mobile titles, including the popular “Sonic Dash,” “Sonic Forces: Speed Battle,” and the recently launched “Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop” for Apple Arcade exclusives.

Additionally, Sega has ported some of its classic games, such as “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Sonic CD,” “Streets of Rage,” and even the critically acclaimed “Alien: Isolation,” to iOS and Android platforms.

Why is Sega Prioritizing Mobile Games?

According to Midori, Sega’s emphasis on mobile game development is driven by a desire for “sustainability” and the goal of building partnerships with influential brands.

By expanding its presence in the mobile gaming market, Sega aims to broaden the reach of its franchises and intellectual properties (IPs) beyond its core “pillar IPs” like “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Persona,” and “Like a Dragon.”

With the traditional gaming industry facing challenges, it makes sense for Sega to explore alternative revenue streams.

Sega’s Acquisition of Rovio: Strengthening Mobile Gaming Expertise

To further bolster its mobile gaming strategy, Sega recently acquired Rovio, the creators of the immensely popular “Angry Birds” franchise, for a staggering $776 million.

This acquisition underscores Sega’s commitment to mobile gaming and its desire to leverage Rovio’s expertise in developing successful and lucrative mobile games.

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