Is Palworld Coming to PlayStation or Switch? The Latest Updates and Rumors

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Palworld, the surprise hit of 2024, has taken the gaming world by storm.

This open-world survival game, featuring Pokémon-like creatures called Pals, has captured the hearts of millions of players, amassing a record-breaking 25 million players within its first month.

But what about PlayStation owners? Are they going to get a slice of this adorable yet slightly twisted pie?

Well, there’s good news! Recently, Pocketpair’s community manager, Bucky dropped a not-so-subtle hint about Palworld’s future on PlayStation consoles.

In a social media post, Bucky wrote “Palworld” surrounded by black❤, white🤍, and green💚 hearts (representing PC, Mac, and Xbox).

But here’s the kicker – right below that, he wrote the game’s name again, this time with blue hearts💙. And as any gaming fanatic knows, blue is PlayStation’s signature color.

palworld busky x post

Now, while this isn’t an official announcement, it’s got the Palworld community buzzing with excitement. It seems like we might not have to wait too long to see our favorite Pals on PlayStation consoles!

Previously Pocketpair’s CEO Takuro Mizobe (in an interview with Bloomberg) also revealed that talks are underway to bring the game to other platforms, strongly hinting at a PS5 launch.

While we don’t have an exact date, industry insiders speculate that Palworld’s PlayStation coming in the upcoming month.

Why Would a PlayStation Release Be a Big Deal?

PlayStation 5 consoles have significantly outsold Xbox X/S, with sales estimated to be double those of Xbox (50 million vs 27 million).

By bringing Palworld to PlayStation 4/5, Pocketpair could potentially tap into a massive new player base.

This could give the game a much-needed boost, especially considering the recent waning interest since its explosive launch.

According to Steam Data, Palworld has lost 70 percent of its active player base in the months following its release.

What About Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, Switch owners might have to keep dreaming for now.

In an interview with Game File (via VGC), Pocketpair’s Takuro Mizobe stated that porting Palworld to the Switch would be challenging due to “technical reasons.

In other words, the current Switch might not have enough “oomph” to run Palworld smoothly.

But don’t lose hope just yet! With rumors of a more powerful Switch 2 on the horizon, there’s still a chance we might see Palworld on a Nintendo console in the future.

However, given the game’s cheeky take on Pokémon, it’s anyone’s guess whether Nintendo would welcome it with open arms.

Can I Play Palworld on the Go?

While a Switch port may not be in the cards, gamers aren’t entirely out of luck when it comes to portable Palworld action.

The game reportedly runs excellently on the Steam Deck (though it’s not verified), allowing players to take their Pal-catching adventures on the road.

Additionally, rumors of an Xbox handheld device have been circulating. If these rumors prove true, Palworld would likely be playable on such a device, given its current availability on Xbox platforms.

What’s New in Palworld’s Latest Update?

The game’s first big update, called the Sakurajima Update, came out on June 27, 2024. It adds tons of new stuff:

  • A brand-new island to explore: Sakurajima Island
  • New Pals to catch and befriend
  • New bosses to challenge
  • An increased level cap
  • Dedicated servers for Xbox players
  • Crude Oil Extractor

This substantial content drop is likely to draw many lapsed players back to the game, as well as attract newcomers eager to experience all that Palworld has to offer.

palword dead update steam percentage

Sakurajima Island is packed with cool things to discover:

  • New Locations: Cherry Blossom Caves, fast travel points, and a new Syndicate Tower
  • Collectibles: Additional Lifmunk Effigies and Memos
  • Items: New chests, Skill Fruit Trees, and Eggs
  • Enemies: Fresh Alpha Pals and Bosses to challenge
  • NPCs: New characters to interact with

The update also introduces some exciting new features, like the Crude Oil Extractor. This nifty gadget allows players to extract Crude Oil, a valuable resource for crafting powerful endgame armor and Plasteel.

To obtain Crude Oil:

  1. Explore Sakurajima Island, looking for black patches scattered across the north, east, and central areas.
  2. Craft a Crude Oil Extractor using the appropriate materials and blueprints.
  3. Place the extractor on a black patch to begin harvesting Crude Oil.

That is all we know about the latest Palword update. For more news stay tuned with Gaming Foodle!

Palworld is currently available on Steam and Xbox consoles and is also available on Xbox Game Pass for both.

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