Vlambeer Returns: Nuclear Throne Developer Making Comeback After Co-Founder Buyout

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In a significant development, the acclaimed indie game studio Vlambeer is making a comeback as the co-founder Jan Willem Nijman purchased 100% ownership of the company.

This move marks a new chapter for the studio responsible for critically acclaimed titles like Nuclear Throne and Ridiculous Fishing.

What Led to Vlambeer’s Hiatus?

Vlambeer is a Dutch indie game studio in Utrecht, founded by two passionate game developers –  Jan Willem Nijman and Rami Ismail in 2010.

Over the years, their partnership yielded numerous critically acclaimed titles like Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Ridiculous Fishing, Luftrausers, and Nuclear Throne that resonated with gamers worldwide.

However, in 2020, the duo decided to part ways and pursue other ventures, effectively placing Vlambeer into a state of stasis.

This decision left fans wondering about the studio’s future and the fate of their highly anticipated project, Ultrabugs for PC, Mac, Linux, and Switch.

Nijman Is Now 100% Owner

In a recent turn of events, Jan Willem Nijman announced that he had purchased 100% ownership of Vlambeer from his former co-founder, Rami Ismail.

This strategic move was prompted by the realization that the studio would be “better off” under the guidance of a sole owner.

According to Nijman, this acquisition will enable him to revive Vlambeer and ensure the long-awaited release of Ultrabugs.

Additionally, he plans to provide updates for Ridiculous Fishing EX and preserve the studio’s classic games, ensuring they remain playable for years to come.

In his words:

I want to preserve the classic Vlambeer games, and make sure they get the maintenance they need to stay playable far into the future. So many games get lost in time and it’s a damn shame!

Maintaining the Indie Spirit

While acquiring full ownership may raise concerns about potential changes in the studio’s direction, Nijman’s commitment to the indie ethos remains steadfast.

He has reassured fans that he will continue to work with small teams just like the Dev of Palworld Pocketcpair CEO said in a recent interview and maintain the creative freedom that has been a hallmark of Vlambeer’s success.

This approach aligns with the studio’s philosophy of fostering innovation and pushing boundaries within independent game development.

By keeping the team size small and agile, Vlambeer can continue to explore new concepts and deliver fresh, engaging experiences that resonate with their dedicated fanbase.

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