Stellar Blade Surpasses 1 Million Copies Sold: Developer Announced Photo Mode, PC Release, Paid DLC and New Collaboration

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Stellar Blade, the PlayStation 5 exclusive action RPG developed by South Korean studio ShiftUp, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release on April 26, 2024.

With impressive sales figures and critical acclaim, the game has quickly become a major player in the industry.

During the IPO press conference on June 25, 2024, ShiftUp’s CFO, Ahn Jae-woo, declared that Stellar Blade has exceeded sales of 1 million copies following its release.

According to the CFO, the game has achieved remarkable success in various markets:

  • Ranked first in major console markets, including the United States and the United Kingdom
  • Reached the top spot in a total of 60 countries
  • Earned a Metacritic user rating of 9.2, the highest ever for a PlayStation 5 game

Even before its release, the game’s demo version was played more than twice as much as the highly anticipated “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth,” showcasing the excitement level among gamers.

How has Stellar Blade performed financially?

ShiftUp’s securities report reveals impressive financial figures for Stellar Blade:

  • April 2024: 6.3 billion KRW in sales – 4.5 million USD
  • May 2024: 15.7 billion KRW in sales – 11 million USD

This means that the game has garnered an impressive 15 million USD within two months of its release, a milestone that many games have struggled to achieve this year.

It’s important to note that these figures only represent the amount settled from Sony, the game’s publisher, and not any other forms of revenue.

CFO Ahn Jae-woo stated that “pre-orders and post-release sales are still going on smoothly,” indicating continued strong performance by the IP.

What are ShiftUp’s plans for Stellar Blade’s future?

ShiftUp has announced ambitious plans to build on Stellar Blade’s success:

  • Photo Mode: Coming in August 2024, this feature will let players capture stunning in-game moments.
  • New Character Skins:  Planned for release after October 2024, giving players more customization options.
  • Large-Scale IP Collaboration: A mysterious big event is in the works for the end of 2024.
  • Additional DLC and Sequels: In development for future release
  • PC VersionWhile not confirmed, Shift Up is considering bringing Stellar Blade to PC, potentially expanding its audience even further.

A Large Collaboration with Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Fans of Shift Up’s other popular title, Goddess of Victory: Nikke, have something to look forward to.

According to ShiftUp’s CEO Kim Hyung Tae, “We are reviewing several opportunities where Stellar Blade and Nikke can create positive synergy, and we hope to show good results soon.”

Is Stellar Blade Coming to PC?

While Stellar Blade was initially released as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, ShiftUp is considering expanding its reach to PC.

CFO Ahn Jae-woo noted that “the main consumer base for AAA games has been moving to PC,” and a PC release could further increase the IP’s value.

The timing for a PC release is not provided, as CEO Hyung-tae Kim further explained that due to existing contractual relationships (with Sony), we cannot provide specific details or timing.

Will There Be Paid DLC for Stellar Blade?

In representation, Director Kim Hyung Tae also emphasized that the primary goal for Stellar Blade was not to maximize profits but to create an IP that fans would love.

The development team focused on:

  • Building a high-value IP to attract global users
  • Establishing a strong fanbase
  • Minimizing elements that dissatisfy users, such as microtransactions
  • Delivering an engaging experience for players

However, shifting from this core philosophy, ShiftUp is open to the possibility of paid DLC, particularly for collaborations with other IPs.

Director Kim Hyung Tae explained, “As time goes on, we’re identifying new needs, and in the case of ‘Stellar Blade,’ we’re considering additional content. There is a possibility that we will do paid DLC in elements such as external collaborations.”

What About a Stellar Blade Sequel?

While specific details are not yet available, ShiftUp has mentioned in their securities report that they are considering a sequel to Stellar Blade.

This suggests that the company is committed to developing the IP further and building on its initial success.


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