Xbox Game Pass July 2024 Lineup: What’s New and Exciting Coming?

xbox game pass

Get ready for an action-packed July with Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has just unveiled an impressive lineup of games heading to their popular subscription service.

From sci-fi adventures to fast-paced brawlers, there’s something for every gamer. Let’s dive into the details.

What’s New on Xbox Game Pass in July 2024?

Journey to the Savage Planet (Cloud, Console, and PC) – July 3

Journey to the Savage Planet
(Image: Typhoon Studios)

Kicking off the month is the colorful and humorous sci-fi adventure, Journey to the Savage Planet. Originally a Stadia exclusive, this game marks the debut of Typhoon Studios, founded by Assassin’s Creed 3 creative director Alex Hutchinson.

In the game, you step into the shoes of an employee of Kindred Aerospace, tasked with exploring an uncharted planet called AR-Y 26. Your mission? To determine if this vibrant and often dangerous alien world is suitable for human habitation.

Armed with an array of gadgets and tools, you’ll navigate through colorful landscapes, catalog strange flora and fauna, and uncover the planet’s secrets.

What can you expect from Journey to the Savage Planet?

  • First-person exploration on an uncharted alien planet
  • Vibrant, cartoonish art style with a hefty dose of humor
  • Solving environmental puzzles
  • Upgrading equipment to access new areas
  • Optional co-op mode for two players

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 (Cloud, Console, and PC) – July 3rd

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2
(Image: Fair Play Labs)

Fans of platform fighting games and Nickelodeon characters are in for a treat with this sequel. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 builds upon its predecessor with several improvements and additions.

What’s new in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2?

  • Expanded roster featuring characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Voice acting for characters (addressing a major criticism of the first game)
  • Refined gameplay mechanics
  • New stages and modes
  • Story mode, online multiplayer, and local multiplayer options

Cricket 24 (Cloud, Console, and PC) – July 9th

Cricket 24
(Image: Big Ant Studios)

Sports fans, especially cricket fans, have reason to celebrate with the addition of “Cricket 24” to the Game Pass lineup. Developed by Big Ant Studios, this sports simulation aims to deliver the most authentic cricket gaming experience to date.

What makes Cricket 24 stand out?

  • Officially licensed teams, players, and stadiums
  • Enhanced batting and bowling systems for realistic player movements
  • Career mode to create and guide your own cricketer
  • Online multiplayer options

The Case of the Golden Idol (Cloud, Console, and PC) – July 9th

The Case of the Golden Idol
(Image: Playstack)

Mystery lovers and puzzle enthusiasts should keep an eye out for this innovative detective game.

This unique title combines elements of point-and-click adventures, logic puzzles, and narrative mysteries.

The game challenges players to unravel a series of interconnected murder cases spanning several decades, all revolving around a mysterious golden idol.

What sets The Case of the Golden Idol apart is its distinctive approach to storytelling and puzzle-solving. Instead of traditional adventure game mechanics, players are presented with frozen scenes of crimes or significant events. They must piece together what happened by examining the environment, identifying characters, and deducing the sequence of events.

The game requires players to fill in blanks in statements about each scene, gradually unraveling the complex narrative.

This innovative gameplay mechanic, combined with its pixelated art style and intriguing plot, has earned the game critical acclaim for its fresh take on the detective genre.

Neon White (Cloud, Console, and PC) – July 11th

Neon White
(Image: Annapurna Interactive)

Get ready for lightning-fast action with Neon White, a game that blends first-person shooting, platforming, and puzzle-solving.

Players take on the role of White, an assassin from Hell competing against other Neons for a chance to live in Heaven.

The game’s standout feature is its innovative card-based weapon system. Players collect cards that represent weapons, which can be used to attack enemies or discarded for a special movement ability. This mechanic adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay, as players must decide when to use a card for its weapon or its movement ability to navigate levels efficiently.

What can players expect from Neon White?

  • Fast-paced gameplay designed for speedrunning
  • Innovative card-based weapon system
  • Stylish anime-inspired aesthetic
  • Intriguing narrative unfolding as you progress

Tchia (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) – July 11th

(Image: Kepler Interactive)

Prepare for a tropical adventure inspired by New Caledonia (a French territory in the South Pacific) in this charming open-world game.

Players control Tchia, a young girl with the magical ability to “soul jump” into animals and objects, allowing her to explore the vibrant tropical setting in unique ways.

The game stands out for its blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and storytelling. Players can climb, glide, swim, and sail across the island, discovering its secrets and helping its inhabitants.

The game also features a ukulele mechanic, where players can learn and play songs that affect the game world.

Magical Delicacy (Cloud, Console, and PC) – July 16

Magical Delicacy
(Image: Skaule)

For fans of visual novels and dating sims, Magical Delicacy offers a whimsical blend of fantasy, romance, and culinary arts.

The game revolves around the protagonist’s journey to master both culinary and magical skills while navigating relationships with a diverse cast of characters at a prestigious magical cooking academy.

What can you cook up in Magical Delicacy?

  • Fusion of cooking mechanics and spell-casting
  • Multiple storylines and endings
  • Diverse cast of characters to develop relationships with
  • Mysteries surrounding ancient recipes and magical artifacts

Flock (Cloud, Console, and PC) – July 16th

(Image: Annapurna Interactive)

Arriving on day one, Flock is a cooperative multiplayer game that promises a unique and relaxing experience.

Developed by Hollow Ponds and published by Annapurna Interactive, the game revolves around the concept of shepherding various flying creatures across diverse landscapes.

Players take on the role of flying shepherds who ride on the backs of large, bird-like mounts as they explore and collect an array of unique flying beings.

The core gameplay of Flock involves working together with friends to herd and gather different species of flying creatures.

Each species has its own characteristics and behaviors, adding depth to the shepherding mechanics. As players progress, they can customize their mounts and unlock new areas to explore.

The game emphasizes cooperation, with players needing to coordinate their efforts to successfully navigate challenging terrains and gather their flocks.

This is the first wave of Xbox Game Pass for this month. Xbox will soon announce the Second one.

Which Games Are Leaving Xbox Game Pass?

As new games arrive, some must depart. On July 15th, the following titles will be leaving Xbox Game Pass:

  • Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly
  • Figment 2: Creed Valley
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
  • TOEM
  • The Wandering Village

Make sure to play these games before they’re gone!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

EA Sports FC 24: Supercharge Pack

  • 11 Rare Gold Players and a Team of the Seasons Loan Player Pick.

Warframe: Wake Up Tenno Bundle

  • Valuable amenities like an Orokin Reactor and Orokin Catalyst, 3 Day Affinity and Credit Boosters, and more.
  • Excalibur Immortal Skin for more customization

The Elder Scrolls Online: 10-Year Anniversary Pack #2

  • 1x Skill Respecification Scroll
  • 3x Gold Coast Experience Scrolls.

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