Netflix Doubles Down on Gaming for 2024: Get Ready For Squid Game, Rebel Moon, Virgin River and More

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Netflix is going all in on gaming for 2024.

The streaming giant just unveiled over 10 new game titles coming this year, including some based on its biggest original hits.

It’s set to be Netflix’s biggest gaming year yet as it aggressively expands into interactive entertainment.

So what can players expect from Netflix’s 2024 gaming lineup?

Translating Netflix Originals Into New Game Worlds

Some of the most exciting reveals are games that bring Netflix’s original movies and shows into the gaming realm.

These include:

  • Squid Game – A multiplayer title where you compete in games from the brutal Korean thriller series.
  • The Dragon Prince: Xadia – An action RPG set in the fantasy world of Netflix’s beloved animated show.
  • Virgin River – A new story-driven installment in the interactive fiction series based on the romance drama.
  • Rebel Moon – A 4-player sci-fi action game set after the events of the Rebel Moon films.
  • Chicken Run: Eggstraction – The game picks up after the events of the film Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.

Also as previously reported Money Heist, Wednesday, and Stranger Things are also in development.

For the first time, fans can immerse themselves in the worlds and characters of these Netflix hits through interactive gameplay.

It’s prime material for creating compelling gaming narratives.

Indie Hits Come To Netflix

Netflix is also continuing to bring acclaimed indie games to its platform as exclusives.

The service will add all-time greats like:

  • Hades – The wildly popular Greek mythology-themed roguelike will come to mobile exclusively through Netflix.
  • Sonic Mania Plus – The throwback Sonic platformer will make its mobile debut on Netflix.
  • Katana Zero – The stylish neo-noir action game comes to mobile-only via Netflix.

Securing these exclusives is a great way for Netflix to bulk up its mobile gaming offerings with proven hits.

Interactive Projects With Major Potential

Some of Netflix’s new titles have particularly unique premises that could translate into special gaming experiences:

  • Harmonium – interactive musical incorporates sign language mechanics for accessibility.
  • Paper Trail – The folding puzzle gameplay of this papercraft world.
  • The Rise of the Golden Idol – a historical mystery engaging in ’70s adventure.
  • Braid, Anniversary Edition – puzzle game
  • Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit
  • Dumb Ways to Survive
  • Monument Valley

These experimental and inclusive projects have huge potential if their gameplay innovations pan out well.

Netflix Is All In On Gaming

With 90+ games now in the library and 50+ in development, Netflix is investing heavily in gaming.

They aim to release a new game every two weeks moving forward.

To accelerate production, Netflix acquired multiple game studios in 2023 like Next Games and Night School Studio.

They also have partnerships with indie developers and major publishers.

This two-pronged approach of in-house teams and outside partnerships provides Netflix with gaming firepower across PC, consoles, and mobile.

After starting its gaming expansion in late 2021, Netflix seems ready to aggressively pursue its next big vertical.

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