Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator Program Selects 25 Indie Developers from Asia-Pacific


What is the Indie Games Accelerator?

The Indie Games Accelerator (IGA) is a Google Play’s 10-week training program designed to nurture and support independent game developers from all around the world.

Launched in 2018, the IGA has emerged as a catalyst for the burgeoning mobile gaming industry in the region, providing developers with access to

  • Google’s cutting-edge tools
  • Mentorship from industry veterans
  • Global networking.

Meet the 2024 Asia-Pacific IGA Cohort

This year’s IGA cohort comprises 25 Asia-Pacific indie game developers, representing eight countries, including Korea, Indonesia, and India.

These developers are creating a diverse range of mobile games, from puzzles and role-playing games to educational titles.

Here are all the participants:


  1. Algorocks
  2. Dreams Studio
  3. Lentera Nusantara
  4. Own Games


  1. Appspace Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Avian Hearts Studios Pvt. Ltd
  3. Crimzen Red Studios
  4. Dunali Games
  5. Niku Games Studio
  6. WASD Interactive


  1. blackhammer
  2. LiberalDust
  3. Gonggamore Contents Inc.
  4. Lunarite Studio
  5. Ondot Inc.
  6. QueseraGames Co., Ltd.
  7. Studio Boxcat
  8. Whoyaho Corp.


  • CLOVER-FI Games


  1. Hexpion
  2. ONDI
  3. Panthera Studio


  • Kudos Games


  • npckc


  • Playdew

Google Play indie dev programm winner

Why is Asia-Pacific the Epicenter of Mobile Gaming Growth?

The Asia-Pacific region has witnessed a meteoric rise in mobile gaming popularity, driven by various factors.

Affordable smartphones, lightning-fast internet connectivity, and a diverse range of games from Asia-headquartered gaming companies have all contributed to this growth.

Moreover, the region’s enthusiasm for gaming has positioned it as a hotbed for innovation and creativity in the mobile gaming space.

That is why Google mostly invests in the Asia Pacific region

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