Sagar Mankar


2XKO: Riot Games’ Upcoming Tag-Team Fighting Game – Everything You Need to Know

After a week of excitement, Riot Games’ Project L has been officially named 2XKO on Feb 22. 2XKO is an upcoming 2D tag-team fighting game from Riot Games, which is part of the League of Legends universe. Unlike traditional one-on-one fighters (like Street Fighters), 2XKO introduces a unique team-based gameplay mechanic (similar to Marvel vs Capcom)…

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final fantacy game poster square enix logo

Final Fantasy Maker Square Enix Restructuring with Layoffs and Multiplatform Strategy

Square Enix, the renowned Japanese video game company behind iconic franchises like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest, has announced layoffs and internal restructuring. This move comes amidst the company’s latest disappointing financial results indicating a nearly 70% drop in profits from the previous year. These losses are due to the cancellation of projects…

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Blast Dota2

Premier Tournament Organizer BLAST Enters Dota 2 Esports Scene

Renowned tournament organizer BLAST has officially announced its entry into the Dota 2 esports scene. BLAST is for hosting top-tier Counter-Strike events, including the prestigious BLAST Premier series. Its excellent production quality and engaging viewer experiences have earned it a stellar reputation among CS:GO/CS2 fans. Their most recent major event, the Paris CS:GO Major…

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