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Why Game Science Said No to Sweet Baby Inc.’s Meddling in Black Myth: Wukong

According to reports from Chinese media, Game Science, the studio behind the upcoming Black Myth Wukong, turned down Sweet Baby Inc.’s consultancy services due to an alleged $7 million price tag. The developers believed that taking services from such agenda-driven consultancy could compromise their creative vision and lead to forced inclusivity that might not align with…

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What Games Are Coming to MacOS in 2024? Massive Gaming Announcements from Apple at WWDC 2024

For years, Mac has lagged behind Windows when it comes to gaming capability and developer support. However, the recent blockbuster announcements at WWDC 2024 signal Apple may finally be prioritizing gaming on its desktop platform. At the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2024, Apple unveiled an exciting slate of games coming to macOS. Some of these games are ports…

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Ubisoft Forward 2024: All Major Games Trailers, DLC and Updates Announced

Following Sony’s State of Play, Summer Game Fest, and Xbox’s Games Showcase, Ubisoft joined the fray with its own event, Ubisoft Forward 2024. Here, Ubisoft revealed their upcoming projects, showcased gameplay footage, and delighted fans with an array of surprises. Here is everything revealed at Ubisoft Forward 2024: Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay One of the most highly anticipated…

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Esports Awards Heads to Saudi Arabia: Hosting Ceremony During Esports World Cup

Esports Awards Heads to Riyadh In a significant move, the Esports Awards has announced a three-year partnership with the Saudi Arabia-backed Esports World Cup (EWC). This collaboration means that Riyadh will host the 2024, 2025, and 2026 editions of the Esports Awards alongside the Esports World Cup, with the intent to explore even longer-term collaborations. What is the Esports…

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