Did You Know Rockstar Almost Released a James Bond-Style DLC for GTA V’s Trevor?


We all know Grand Theft Auto V as the unstoppable juggernaut that broke sales records and made Rockstar billions.

But did you know they originally had plans for single-player story expansions starring the game’s trio of playable protagonists?

What Was the Agent Trevor DLC About?

In a recent YouTube livestream reunion, the voice actors behind GTA V’s main characters spilled some beans on Rockstar’s scrapped DLC ideas.

According to Steven Ogg, the actor who portrayed the eccentric Trevor Philips, there were plans for a story expansion code-named “Agent Trevor.”

So, what was this canceled Trevor DLC going to be about?

Apparently, it would have followed everyone’s favorite unhinged criminal after he went undercover…as a secret agent working for the government!

Ogg revealed:

“Trevor was gonna be undercover; he works for the feds. And we did shoot some of that stuff with ‘James Bond Trevor.’ He’s still kind of a f*** up, but he’s doing his best to pretend.”

Just imagining Trevor trying to play it cool as a suave spy is hilarious. The DLC likely would have been an over-the-top parody of spy thriller movies and games.

Why GTA V Story DLC Canceled?

Unfortunately, Agent Trevor and the other planned single-player expansions never saw the light of day.

The voice actor for Michael, Ned Luke, said Rockstar’s original plan was to do story DLCs for all three protagonists.

However, the runaway success of GTA Online’s multiplayer mode caused Rockstar to pivot resources away from single-player expansions.

With GTA Online printing money, it’s easy to see why they prioritized that cash cow instead.

So, while we’ll never get to experience the hilarity of “James Bond Trevor,” at least we can take solace in the fact that GTA VI is on the horizon for a 2025 (or possibly 2026) release!

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