The New NASCAR Console Game from iRacing is Coming in 2025

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NASCAR fans, start your engines! An exciting new console game based on the popular motorsport is in development and slated for release in 2025.

Developed by Monster Games Inc. and built using Unreal Engine, this highly anticipated title promises to deliver an authentic and engaging NASCAR gaming experience.

Who’s Behind the Wheel?

The new NASCAR game is being spearheaded by iRacing, the premier online racing simulation service.

In 2022, iRacing acquired Monster Games and has significantly expanded its team to 35 employees to focus on console game development.

This Minnesota-based game development studio has a significant track record in NASCAR games, including the NASCAR Heat franchise, NASCAR 21: Ignition, NASCAR Dirt to Daytona, and more recently Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing game.

Now, with additional resources and support from iRacing, the company can enhance its ability to deliver top-quality racing games to a wider market, including the console space.

Using Unreal Engine

Speaking to Insider Gaming, iRacing President Tony Gardner said that the game will leverage pretty much the same technology used in the iRacing simulator.

This includes highly detailed car models and accurately modeled real-world tracks.

But switching to Unreal Engine represents a major leap forward, as many expect an in-house engine.

Developed by Epic Games, the Unreal Engine stands as one of the most acclaimed game engines today which created the widely popular free-to-play game Fortnite and racing and car-based games like Assetto Corsa Competizione and Rocket League.

It is known for its high level of realism like handling the transitions from day to night, positioning it at the pinnacle of gaming graphics.

Unreal Engine also facilitates cross-platform gameplay, enabling gamers to join online lobbies with players on different consoles. This feature expands the potential player base for each online lobby, as it is not confined by the console owned.

Given the robustness and versatility of the Unreal Engine, Monster Games is expected to leverage these features more effectively than in their previous titles.

Don’t Be That Free and Open

Customization is a highly requested feature for the next NASCAR video game, with many fans curious about whether iRacing’s “Trading Paints” will be included.

But, Gardner indicated in an interview that Trading Paints might not be available in the same way as it is in the previous iRacing games.

I don’t want to shatter their hopes and dreams but I don’t think things are going to be that free and open.

For new, Trading Paints is a website for iRacing players to create, share, and download custom paint schemes for all the different types of cars in iRacing. This feature is very popular and allows fans to get creative with their paint designs.

This news might be disheartening for some fans, but Gardner elaborated on the rationale behind this decision.

According to him, a complex car customization model like iRacing is not suitable for a console video game. Consoles are not as easy to mod as PCs, making it difficult to have the same in-depth customization within the game.

However, Gardner did not dismiss the idea of having customized paint schemes in the next NASCAR video game. It is probable that there will be some form of customization, but fans who expect iRacing-type “Trading Paints” will likely be disappointed.

In-Depth Career Mode

Even before the official announcement of the iRacing Console game, Greg Hill, the Senior Vice President of iRacing, announced that iRacing is working on a career mode in his post in July.

It’s significant because iRacing, a multiplayer game, did not have a career mode until now.

No specific details were provided about the career mode; however, Hill mentioned in his statement that the emphasis would be on realism.

Start Your Engines – Coming In 2025

On April 3, 2024, iRacing teased their upcoming NASCAR video game for the first time.

Operating under the provisional title of NASCAR 25, iRacing announced a fall 2025 release date and showcased an artist’s rendition of a garage.

Before that in October 2023, iRacing acquired the NASCAR license from Motorsport Games for a whopping $6 million.

This paves the way for them to create the ultimate NASCAR console racing game.

By merging their simulation expertise with the capabilities of Unreal Engine, they are preparing to deliver a groundbreaking racing experience.

Source: The Daily Down Force

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