Diablo Immortal’s Performance to Get Even Smoother with 120 FPS By Using Pixelworks’ IRX Technology


Diablo Immortal, a free-to-play, online multiplayer RPG mobile game co-developed by industry giants Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase, has announced to integrate with the IRX Rendering Accelerator SDK.

This integration ensures that players can enjoy an exceptional 120fps visual experience on IRX-certified devices, all while maintaining low power consumption.

Why Diablo Immortal Go After IRX Rendering?

As the first official mobile game in the Diablo franchise, Diablo Immortal represents a significant milestone for the franchise, as it aims to bring the iconic Diablo experience to the palm of players’ hands.

With its rich storyline, intense combat, and stunning visuals, Diablo Immortal aims to deliver a truly immersive and authentic Diablo experience on mobile devices.

But translating the essence of a PC/Console game to a mobile platform is no easy feat.

Fundamental elements such as realistic combat scenes, intricate dungeons, and detailed 3D character models demand high-fidelity graphics and smooth performance.

However, the inherent limitations of mobile hardware, including rendering performance, device temperature, and battery capacity, pose significant challenges in achieving a truly captivating gaming experience.

How Does IRX Benefit Diablo Immortal?

To overcome these hurdles, Pixelworks, a leading provider of visual processing solutions, collaborated with the technical team at NetEase to optimize Diablo Immortal’s visual processing techniques.

The key to this collaboration lies in Pixelworks’ IRX Rendering Accelerator SDK, a cutting-edge technology that enhances the gaming experience with:

  • High Frame Rates: 120fps high-resolution graphics ensures smooth animations, responsive gameplay, and reduced input latency.
  • Enhanced Visual Quality: With more efficient rendering, games can push higher resolutions, better textures, and more complex visual effects without compromising performance.
  • Improved Battery Life: Traditional rendering methods can quickly drain a mobile device’s battery due to the intensive workload. IRX Rendering Acceleration optimizes power consumption, allowing for longer gaming sessions on a single charge.

How Does This Technology Work?

Compared to traditional rendering methods, IRX rendering acceleration technology not only boosts frame rates and resolution but also allows developers to flexibly allocate rendering resources based on game content.

It is said to be leverages dedicated hardware acceleration and advanced algorithms to offload some of the rendering workload from the device’s CPU and GPU.

This optimized rendering pipeline allows for more efficient use of the available hardware resources.

This flexibility enables developers to faithfully present their artistic visions on mobile platforms, ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in the game’s intended visuals and atmospheres.

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