Alleged Spider-Man 3 Leaks Surface: Could Cindy Moon’s Silk Be Playable ?

Cindy Moon's Silk and peter parker's spiderman

Just months after releasing the acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, rumors are swirling that Insomniac Games has already begun early development on a third Spider-Man game.

The rumors stem from alleged leaked images that appear to show Cindy Moon’s Silk swinging through Central Park.

But how credible are these Spider-Man 3 leaks? Let’s take a closer look.

Who Leaked the Spider-Man 3 Information?

The leaked images were shared on Twitter by @zvis_ceral and purportedly come from the same group of modders that ported Spider-Man 2 to PC earlier this year using 2023’s leaked data.

As in December 2023, we saw a large data leak at Insomniac where a ransomware group hacked the studio and released a staggering 1.6 terabytes of sensitive data.

This information dump included development plans, employee data, and details on future projects up to 2032.

Among these files, modders seem like has discovered an early build of a potential Spider-Man 3.

The images depict a character resembling Silk, the superhero alias of Cindy Moon, web-swinging in an open-world environment.

According to the leaker, this is a “very very early prototype” from the Spider-Man 3 project which had just entered pre-production in mid/late 2023.

[They also claim the Silk suit will eventually be ported into the Spider-Man 2 Brazil build for PC modders.]

Is Silk the New Protagonist in Spider-Man 3?

While just two screenshots, the appearance of Silk does line up with the ending of Spider-Man 2 on PS5.

In a post-credits scene of  Marvel’s Spider-Man 2Cindy Moon is introduced as the daughter of Miles’ mother Rio’s new boyfriend.

Although her face isn’t explicitly shown, the implication is clear that she is indeed Cindy Moon, setting the stage for her potential involvement in future installments.

In the comics, Cindy Moon is a former classmate of Peter Parker who also gained spider-powers during the same incident that created Spider-Man.

Her abilities are similar to Peter’s but she can organically produce web shooters – called silk and has a more potent Spider-Sense.

This unique trait could introduce fresh gameplay mechanics and traversal options in Spider-Man 3.

With the Spider-Man 2 story positioning both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as a playable character, Spider-Man 3 could also introduce a new protagonist with Silk.

When Can We Expect Spider-Man 3 to Release?

Very little is currently confirmed about Spider-Man 3 other than these leaked details.

However, previous Insomniac leaks in December 2023 pointed to the studio working on an online multiplayer Spider-Verse game titled Spider-Man: The Great Web before it was canceled.

This suggests Insomniac has been exploring ways to incorporate the wider Spider-Verse mythos, of which Silk is a part of, into future games.

Her inclusion in Spider-Man 3 could be a step in building their own take on the Spider-Verse.

Given Insomniac’s leaked roadmap showing titles planned through 2032, plus their work on Marvel’s Wolverine, Spider-Man 3 is likely several years away still.

Most analysts expect it will be a cross-gen release on both PS5 and PS6 whenever it does arrive.

For now, fans will have to stay tuned for any official word from Insomniac or Sony.

The acclaimed Spider-Man 2 is still fresh, and upcoming DLCs could provide hints about future storylines.

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