Marvel’s Mobile Fighting Game Expands to New App Stores After 10 Years

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Marvel: Contest of Champions, the popular mobile fighting game featuring Marvel superheroes, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in a big way.

Launched in December 2014, the game developed by Kabam is now expanding to several new “alternative” app stores around the world.

Where Will Contest of Champions Be Available?

Starting April 29th, Marvel fans will be able to download and play Contest of Champions on the following additional app stores:

  • Amazon App Store
  • ONEstore Korea
  • Samsung Gaming Hub (later in 2024)
  • OneStore Global (later in 2024)
  • DT Games Hub (later in 2024)

The expansion to these non-Google Play and non-Apple App Store platforms opens up the game to potentially millions of new players globally.

To facilitate this expansion, Kabam has partnered with London-based Flexion Games, a distributor specializing in bringing games like Monopoly Go! and World of Tanks Blitz MMO to various app stores.

Why Expand Now After 10 Years?

Since its launch, the game has been playable on iOS, Android, and briefly in arcades, but not fully available worldwide.

According to Kabam CEO SeungWon Lee, partnering with mobile game distributor Flexion Games allows them “to reach new audiences…on even more app stores.”

On the other hand, Flexion CEO Jens Lauritzson articulated this deal as beneficial for both companies as Kabam gets to widen the scope of its game and Flexion gains the opportunity to “connect to drive audience engagement” for the app stores they serves.

Lauritzson also highlighted the “growth potential” of alternative app stores, stating, “There’s no better time to expand to more audiences and take advantage of the growth potential of alternative app stores.”

Source: Game Developer

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