Leaked GTA 6 Map Size Reveals 2.5x Bigger Than GTA 5

GTA 6 Map design

Leaks Suggest GTA 6 Map Could Be Massive – Over Twice the Size of GTA 5

According to recent leaks surrounding the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, the game’s map could be a staggering 125 square kilometers in size.

This information comes from a dedicated community project called the “GTA VI – Vice City & Leonida State Mapping Project,” which connects the dots about the game’s map based on previous leaks (2022) and the recent official GTA trailer1.

If this information proves accurate, it would make the GTA 6 map a whopping 2.55 times larger than the map featured in GTA 5.

What Will be included in GTA 6 Map?

As per leaks and rumors, GTA6 will take place not only in the fictional Vice City (based on Miami) but also in the surrounding rural areas of Leonida State (based on Florida State).

The project which was initiated by a GTA fan named DuPz0r after major leaks in 2022, has been continuously updating and refining their work as more information becomes available.

Previously, they have added major highways, buildings, and other locations that might appear in the final game, such as Kelly County, Hotel DixonLeonida State Prison, Port Gellhorn Racetrack, and Redhill Forest.

The latest version of the GTA 6 map, released on April 12, 2024, added new buildings, roads, a Stockyard/Downtown, and a vast open rural area of Leonida state making the map look wider and complete than before.

Here’s the new addition to the map:

  • Merge elements of previous GTA locations
  • Vice City-inspired area for nostalgia and flashbacks
  • Potentially incorporating other familiar cities into one mega map – Liberty City (GTA3/4), Los Santos (GTA5)
  • The dense population of AI characters and traffic
  • Interactive interiors for entered buildings, homes, businesses
  • Expansive road networks and infrastructure to navigate
  • Potential for trains, planes, boats, and other transit
  • Open-world pastimes like hiking, swimming, and sports on Miami Beaches
  • More involved hobbies like fishing, hunting, gambling
  • Properties to purchase like nightclubs, businesses
  • Vast oceanic territories make the world of GTA 6 feel even more expansive and explorable – Port Miami & Florida Keys

However, as Rockstar Games has only officially confirmed that GTA 6 will be set in the state of Leonida, much of the map still remains a mystery, and the project relies heavily on leaks, rumors, and speculation to fill in the gaps.

Check out the official site of the Mapping Project: here

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