Fate/stay night Finally Getting English Release After Years of Fan Requests


During the latest TYPE-MOON Times Livestream event, Dev Type-Moon has officially announced an English localization of the original Fate/Stay Night.

This remastered version is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) in 2024.

A Milestone Localization for the Iconic VN

Fate/Stay Night was first released in Japan in 2004 and went on to spawn the massively popular Fate franchise.

But the game that started it all has never seen an official English release, despite years of demand from Western fans.

This new localization will be based on the 2012 PlayStation Vita release Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua].

It will contain the entire visual novel along with the additional content from Realta Nua like the renewed soundtrack, CG art, and more.

Most importantly, Fate/Stay Night Remastered will contain English and Simplified Chinese text options.

This opens up the influential visual novel to a wider audience.

Celebrating 20 Years of Fate

The timing of this localization is likely due to 2024 marking the 20th anniversary of Fate/Stay Night’s original launch.

After two decades, Type-Moon is finally giving fans the official English version they’ve always wanted.

Even after all these years, Fate/Stay Night stands the test of time with its thrilling Holy Grail War storyline and the compelling relationship between the protagonists Shirou Emiya and Saber.

It establishes characters, lore, and worldbuilding that remain relevant across the franchise.

So both longtime fans and Fate newbies have cause to celebrate this release.

It’s a chance to experience the game that birthed the Fate phenomenon in English for the first time.

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