Netflix Turning Its Hit Shows into Games: Expanding List of Mobile and Cloud Gaming, List of Upcoming Netflix Show Turned Games

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As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Netflix is planning to incorporate its popular shows such as Squid Game and Wednesday into mobile games.

Netflix’s plans to increase its mobile gaming offerings aim to solidify its foothold in the gaming industry.

The previous Show turned into a Game

Netflix’s recent release of “Netflix Stories: Love is Blind” in September 2023 is creating interactive experiences for its audience.

Based on the popular reality television series, this interactive story title marks yet another milestone in Netflix’s commitment to transforming beloved shows into engaging gaming experiences.


As the company continues to venture deeper into the world of gaming, it is evident that Netflix’s immersive entertainment ecosystem is poised to redefine the landscape of interactive storytelling and gaming experiences.

Netflix has also created two puzzle and adventure games for fans of its popular show Stranger Things. They are Stranger Issues: Puzzle Tales launched on Netflix on November 2nd, 2022, and Stranger Issues 3: The Recreation launched on Netflix Games on November 1st, 2021.

stranger-things games

In December 2022, developed by Nanobit, the “Too Scorching To Deal With: Love is a Recreation” game based on the Netflix reality show Too Hot Too Handle was released.

Upcoming Games on Netflix Based on Its Show

La Casa De Papel: The Game

Despite the conclusion of the much-celebrated Money Heist series on Netflix, the streaming giant has revealed its intent to further explore the franchise’s potential.

Alongside the release of a Korean spin-off and the ongoing development of a Berlin spin-off, a thrilling video game adaptation is also in the pipeline.

Colombian video game studio, KillaSoft is supposed to develop, this highly anticipated game.

money-heist game

Rebel Moon Mobile Game

Super Evil Megacorp, the gaming studio renowned for Catalyst Black and Vainglory, has joined forces with Netflix to create an exclusive game based on the upcoming Netflix release, Jack Snyders Rebel Moon.

This ambitious project is envisioned as a ‘transmedia’ franchise, with the mobile game acting as a key component of the overarching storytelling experience.

The gameplay will be a four-player co-op action adventure.


Squid Game Mobile Game

If you ask which was the most recognized Netflix’s most groundbreaking series to date, then we definitely say Squid Game which garnered massive global acclaim for its gripping storyline and immersive portrayal.

Building upon this monumental success, Netflix has announced the development of a mobile game adaptation, promising to bring the intense thrill and suspense of the series directly to players’ fingertips.

With the widespread popularity of the show, the mobile game is expected to enthrall us and gaming enthusiasts with its engaging gameplay mechanics and intricately designed challenges.


Wednesday Mobile Game

Netflix has unveiled its plans to introduce a mobile game based on one of its most-watched English-language TV series of all time, Wednesday.

Anticipated to be released within the coming months, this exciting venture is poised to offer fans a chance to immerse themselves further into the captivating world of the beloved series.

With its imminent release, the game is expected to captivate us with its seamless integration of the show’s unique narrative and captivating characters.


Shadow And Bone: Destinies

Amid the excitement surrounding the culmination of Shadow and Bones second season, Netflix has further heightened the excitement by revealing plans for a video game adaptation.

Building upon the success of the enthralling series, the game, titled Shadow and Bone: Destinies, is expected to offer you an immersive and interactive experience of Grishaverse.

With its dynamic gameplay mechanics and intricate storytelling, the game is poised to resonate with both fans of the series and gaming enthusiasts alike.


Navigating the Mobile Gaming Landscape

Despite its entry into mobile gaming, Netflix is still in the process of defining its position within the company’s overarching business model.

At present, the Netflix app encourages users to explore and play games like Exploding Kittens: The Game and Ghost Detective, accessible through the app store.

However, the upcoming expansion will enable Netflix subscribers to seamlessly enjoy these games on their smart TVs and computers.

Netflix’s Diverse Gaming Portfolio

With over 70 games currently available on its platform (precisely 77), Netflix is poised to continue expanding its gaming repertoire throughout the remainder of 2023.

Moreover, the company’s commitment to incorporating non-show related games, such as Classic Solitaire, underscores its ambition to cater to a diverse audience base.

According to insights from the Wall Street Journal, Netflix’s gaming endeavors have swiftly propelled the company into the realm of indie publishing, reinforcing its reputation as an agile player in the gaming industry.

In conclusion,

Netflix’s groundbreaking entry into the world of mobile gaming marks a major moment in the company’s history, showcasing its commitment to providing users with a diverse and immersive entertainment experience.

With an array of highly anticipated game adaptations based on popular series, Netflix is poised to redefine the boundaries of digital entertainment, captivating audiences and gamers alike with its innovative and engaging content offerings.

As the company continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the future of Netflix’s gaming ventures appears to be a promising and exciting journey into uncharted territories of entertainment and interactivity.

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