How Many Costumes Are There in Stellar Blade?

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The sci-fi action RPG Stellar Blade was launched on April 26th, 2024 exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Developed by Shift Up, Stellar Blade follows protagonist Eve in a ravaged future version of Earth overrun by rogue machines called Naytiba.

With its gorgeous graphics and fast-paced hack-and-slash gameplay, Stellar Blade has drawn comparisons to games like Nier Automata.

Like Nier, Stellar Blade will feature deep character customization through costumes and accessories.

But just how many outfit options are there?

In an interview with gaming news site Push Square, game director Hyung-Tae Kim revealed details about the costumes players can collect.

Around 30 Costumes Unlockable In-Game

According to Kim, there are around 30 different costumes that players can unlock in Stellar Blade to customize Eve’s appearance.

Ranging from sci-fi armor to casual streetwear, these costumes can be earned through gameplay like completing quests, exploring the world, and progressing the story.

Kim emphasized that all costumes are unlockable in-game without needing to spend extra money through microtransactions.

Along with costumes, various hairstyles and accessories like glasses and earrings can also be unlocked.

With 30 outfits to mix and match, players will have plenty of options to make Eve look stylish while slashing through enemies.

Now we know Eve’s all 41 outfits along with their New Game Plus variants (Credit to HarryNinetyFour on YouTube and Eurogamer):

  1. Skin Suit – Unequip any outfit
  2. Planet Diving Suit (7th) – Equipped by default as starting suit
  3. Planet Diving Suit (7th) V2 – Eidos 7, Flooded Commercial Sector
  4. Red Passion – Eidos 7, Construction Site area
  5. Stargazer Suit – Xion, Deluxe Edition bonus
  6. Planet Diving Suit (2nd) – Xion, buy from Roxanne
  7. Orca Exploration Suit – Xion, buy from Roxanne
  8. Keyhole Dress – Xion, buy from Roxanne
  9. Cybernetic Dress – Xion, buy from Roxanne
  10. Moutan Peony – Xion, buy from Roxanne
  11. Racer’s High – Wasteland, near Solar Tower
  12. Holiday Rabbit – Wasteland, east of Scrapyard
  13. Cyber Magician – Wasteland, northeastern corner
  14. Sporty Yellow – Wasteland, Forbidden Area
  15. Daily Biker – Xion, buy from Lyle
  16. Black Full Dress – Xion, buy from Lyle
  17. Junk Mechanic – Xion, buy from Lyle
  18. Daily Denim – Xion, buy from Lyle
  19. Wasteland Adventurer – Eidos 7, Flooded Commercial Sector
  20. Daily Knitted Dress – Matrix 11, train car with piano
  21. Daily Mascot – Matrix 11, hole in wall
  22. Daily Force – Matrix 11, camp area
  23. Fluffy Bear – Xion, ‘Memories of the Doll’ quest
  24. Daily Sailor – Great Desert, northwestern corner
  25. Cybernetic Bondage – Great Desert, Oasis area
  26. Sky Ace – Xion, ‘Encounter’ quest
  27. Blue Monsoon – Great Desert, highway area
  28. Black Wave – Great Desert, east of camp
  29. Planet Diving Suit (3rd) – Abyss Levoire, combat challenge
  30. La Vie en Rose – Wasteland, container puzzle
  31. Planet Diving Suit (6th) – Eidos 9, sunken building
  32. Punk Top – Eidos 9, under car park
  33. Motivation – Eidos 9, building after roller coaster
  34. Ocean Maid – Great Desert, catch all fish types
  35. Black Rose – Spire 4, Orca Space Station laser room
  36. Orca Engineer – Spire 4, upstairs camp area
  37. Photogenic – Spire 4, Prestige Lounge area
  38. Prototype Planet Diving Suit – Xion, buy from Roxanne
  39. Raven Suit – Complete the game
  40. Black Pearl – Collect all 49 Cans
  41. The Crew Style – New Game Plus chest

Developers Focused on an “Attractive” Design

When discussing Eve’s design, Kim revealed that the developers specifically wanted to create the “most attractive looking” protagonist.

To achieve this, they used the real-life South Korean model Shin Jae-eun as a reference.

stellar-blade eve model

The focus on visual appeal matches Shift Up’s previous works like Nikke, which also emphasized attractive character designs.

Between the slick action and Eve’s styling options, Stellar Blade is shaping up to fulfill that vision.

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