Twitch Changes Its Attire Policy: No More Implied Nudity

lady in revealing cloth on strea, twitch

After being flooded with back-to-back nude content, the popular streaming platform Twitch has finally prohibited streamers from implying or suggesting nudity on the platform.

This includes using censor bars, creative camera angles, or other techniques to cover one’s private parts.

The policy shift directly targets the emerging “censor bar meta,” closing the door on a controversial new trend of streamers using props and angles to suggest nudity without showing it directly.

But what exactly does this updated rule mean for streamers?

A Swift Response to a Viral Craze

A meta attack is not a new phenomenon on Twitch.

But recently, mostly after the OnlyFans model, Morgpie started a broadcast appearing topless in early December, and many steamers followed a similar trend.

A short but viral sensation Artistic Nudity adds fuel to it.

Though clothed in reality, the illusion of nudity was enough to set off a viral sensation.

High-profile streamers like Amouranth soon followed suit, leveraging censor bars over intimates to toy with the line of acceptable content.

As thumbnails and clips spread across social media, the broadcasts became disrupted.

Twitch received significant criticism for allowing sexually implicit material to permeate.

So entering 2024, the platform moved quickly to get ahead of the issue, announcing a firm stance against suggested nudity of any kind.

twitch attire policy notice

What Does the New Twitch Attire Policy Say?

  • Not allow streamers to show nudity, whether fully or partially, this includes revealing genitals or buttocks.
  • Streamers cannot give the impression of being nude, like covering private parts with objects or censor bars.
  • Even if covered, the visible outline of genitals is not allowed.
  • Broadcasting nudity or partial nudity involving minors is strictly prohibited, regardless of the situation.
  • Women streamers have to cover their nipples and avoid showing the area under the bust.
  • Cleavage is acceptable, as long as the streamer is clothed and meets the coverage requirements.

What Does This Mean for Streamers?

While Twitch’s policy update shuts the door on implying nudity through props or camera tricks, it does not fundamentally change guidelines around revealing attire.

Streamers are still permitted to showcase cleavage so long as coverage minimums are met.

However, the line has clearly been drawn at anything hinting at exposure below the belt.

Some creators will surely push back, feeling the rules curtail their creative expression.

But considering the vast minor user base on the platform, this type of content can cause more harm rather than good to Twitch.

So, Twitch is aiming to balance creative freedom with user experience, minimizing content that may be considered too sexually disruptive.

Only time will tell whether streamers accept the compromise or continue probing for loopholes. But for now – the censor bar meta is over.

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