GTA 6’s Tone Will Strike a Balance Between GTA 4 and GTA 5, According to Michael’s Voice Actor

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GTA 5 featured plenty of wacky characters and over-the-top action, but GTA 6 may dial things back a bit and strike a more serious tone similar to GTA 4.

That’s according to Ned Luke, the talented voice actor behind GTA 5 protagonist Michael De Santa.

Achieving the Right Tone is a Critical

In a recent interview with IGN, Luke discussed GTA 6’s tone based on the recent trailer.

He believes GTA 6 will land somewhere between the darker drama of GTA 4 and the wacky comedy of GTA 5.

As Luke put it:

“It looks like all the comedy and all the weirdness is going to be on the outside, and all those ancillary characters. It had a little heavier vibe, it felt to me between us and [GTA] 4, almost. Because 4 was really dark.”

More Focus on narrative rather than Comedy

Luke acknowledged that comedy is much more challenging from an acting perspective.

That’s why he thinks GTA 6 may focus more on dramatic storytelling while relegating the humor to side characters.

In his words:

“Comedy is fucking hard man. Drama’s not hard to do, at least for me from an acting standpoint. Comedy’s hard.”

Of course, GTA 5 had no shortage of comedic moments.

But humor could take a back seat in GTA 6 to allow for a more serious central narrative as we it sense in the GTA6 trailer.

Lucia Looks Like a Compelling Protagonist


The GTA 6 trailer also introduced the series’ first female protagonist, Lucia.

Some fans have criticized this move as too “woke,” but Luke pushed back on that notion.

“Lucia’s hard, man. In the trailer, she looked good. You get a lot of these clowns out here going ‘Rockstar’s going woke, they’re caving into the wokeness of the world’. First of all, there’s been other female protagonists in the past, but obviously not in something as huge as this,”

– Luke pointed out.

He believes Lucia has the potential to be a compelling and complex character, describing her as a “badass” based on the trailer footage.

Her dynamic with Jason also hints at an interesting and darker relationship.

Striking the Right Balance is Key

At the end of the day, Rockstar’s challenge will be finding the sweet spot between drama and comedy, seriousness and eccentricity.

But if the trailer is any indication, GTA 6 may lean more toward the weighty tone of GTA 4 while preserving the offbeat humor fans have come to expect from the groundbreaking franchise.

What do you think of Ned Luke’s perspective on GTA 6?

Do you like games to be more dark like GTA 4 or fun like GTA 5?

Share your thoughts below!

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