League of Legends Confirms New MMR System for 2024

league of lengends mmr-system

Riot Games has officially announced that League of Legends is bidding farewell to its decade-old ranked MMR (matchmaking rating) system and embracing a new era in the coming year.

A new custom Riot-made MMR system will deploy first in Season 14, which will later transition into a TrueSkill 2 system from Microsoft.

This overhaul aims to improve ranked accuracy and better reflect individual performance.

Let’s break down what competitive players can expect!

Starting with the Proprietary System Ranked Season 2024

Design director August “Iksar” Ayala detailed plans on Reddit, announcing a custom Riot MMR system at the start of the new season rather than immediately transitioning to Microsoft’s sophisticated TrueSkill 2.

This allows Riot to deploy improvements quicker while still developing that long-term solution behind the scenes.

So what changes take effect next week?

We can anticipate more accurate initial placements for new accounts and fewer occurrences of players falling into negative LP states.

These are basic improvements, yet they represent significant progress.

Transition Into More Advanced TrueSkill 2 System

While Riot’s system launches first, TrueSkill 2 promises massive improvements by analyzing deeper performance metrics.

Instead of simply tallying wins and losses, Microsoft’s algorithm incorporates real-time statistics like kill counts, gameplay tendencies, and quitting frequencies assessing skill.

This enables personalized LP calculations based on individual efforts, preventing blanket punishments.

Both veterans and newcomers can anticipate exciting ranked reworks in 2024. Yet, questions persist about the TrueSkill 2 rollout timeline. Keep an eye on Gaming Foodle for the latest updates!

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