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Why is Sweet Anita Taking a Break from Twitch?

Sweet Anita, a popular Twitch streamer, recently surprised her fans with some unexpected news. Known for her honest personality and openness about living with Tourette’s syndrome, Anita announced she’s taking a break from her regular streaming schedule. The 33-year-old shared on X (formerly Twitter) that she’s dealing with three mystery illnesses. These health problems are…

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Twitch REDESIGNED Mobile App Arriving This summer with Cool New Features and Programs

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy announced a significant redesign of the Twitch mobile app at this year’s TwitchCon Europe event, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This redesign, slated for release this summer, aims to enhance user experience and streamline content discovery. Let’s dive into the details: Why is Twitch Focusing on Mobile? It’s no secret that mobile devices are dominating the…

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Amouranth Joins Esports Team Wildcard Gaming as Co-Owner

Popular Streamer Amouranth Joins Esports Team Wildcard Gaming as Co-Owner

Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known by her online persona ‘Amouranth‘, has just made a bold move into the esports arena. In a surprising move, she has acquired a significant ownership stake in Wildcard Gaming, a North American esports organization. Amouranth is a household name in the streaming world, boasting an impressive following of over 14 million across various platforms like Kick, Twitch,…

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Streaming Giant Twitch Faces Lawsuit Over Video Carousel Patents

RazDog Holdings, a company specializing in interactive media software, has filed a lawsuit against Twitch in the Northern District of California’s courts alleging that Twitch’s homepage and tag system infringe on their patents. Let’s delve into the details: The Crux of RazDog’s Patent Claims According to the filing documents, RazDog alleges that it developed the software in question during…

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Twitch Opens the Door for Streamers to Engage With Banned Content

Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has recently announced a notable update to its policy concerning the viewing of content from banned streamers. The new Suspension Evasion Policy allows streamers to engage with banned users’ content without the risk of facing repercussions themselves. This marks a significant shift in Twitch’s approach towards suspended content creators. What Does…

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