The Nintendo Switch 2: Everything We Know So Far from Release Date to Specs


The hype around the Nintendo Switch 2 is steadily building.

When will Nintendo’s next-gen console arrive and what new features can we expect?

Let’s dive into the rumors and confirmed details.

When Will the Nintendo Switch 2 Launch?

At this point, 2024 seems to be the target.

Multiple reports from reliable sources like Bloomberg and suggest Nintendo is aiming to launch the Switch 2 in early 2024.

A more specific prediction comes from analyst firm Omdia, which expects the Switch 2 release date to land in March or April 2024.

More recently, Altec Lansing, a headphone and speaker company, purposely leaked the Nintendo Switch 2 release date as September 2024, stating they are releasing their AI Shark on the same date as Nintendo Switch 2.

Credible industry insiders suggest Nintendo showcased a new Switch model in the summer of 2023 at Gamescom to select game developers.

This indicates the new console is likely in the advanced stages of development for a 2023/2024 launch.

But Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe claimed the Switch successor will not arrive until Q1 2025.

It would also coincide with the launch date of PS5 Pro to enrage the competition.

How Much Could the Nintendo Switch 2 Cost?

With the Switch OLED model priced at $349, the Switch 2 will likely land in a similar ballpark.

One tipster suggests it could be $399, a $50 premium over the OLED Switch.

This seems reasonable given rising hardware costs.

In any case, don’t expect Nintendo’s next console to be cheap.

But the boosted performance and features should justify a slight price hike for most gamers.

Will The Nintendo Switch 2 Look Different?

So far, leaks indicate the Switch 2 will retain a hybrid portable/docked design similar to the current Switch.

But we could see some ergonomic tweaks to improve comfort.

An integrated dock would also remove the need for a bulky external docking accessory.

Interestingly, one rumor claims the buttons will take inspiration from the Super Nintendo controller colors.

So expect brightly-colored face buttons in place of the grey/neon Joy-Con buttons.

What Hardware Upgrades Are Expected?

The aging Tegra X1 chip will likely be replaced by a newer custom Nvidia SoC.

This should deliver a sizable jump in processing power, though specific details remain unknown.

Internal storage gets bumped up to 512GB from the Switch OLED’s 64GB capacity.

As for the display panel, rumors point to either OLED or LCD tech being used.

  • Nintendo could go with default cheaper 8-inch LCD displays to cut costs.
  • But an OLED panel seems most likely given the current OLED Switch model.

Multiple sources claim the new Switch supports 4K resolution when docked on compatible TVs.

This helps Nintendo contend with 4K focused rivals.

The extra power opens the door for fresh capabilities including:

  • Higher frame rates up to 120 fps
  • Ray tracing support
  • Enhanced environmental physics, AI, world detail density
  • Bigger more expansive open worlds
  • Faster loading times

Don’t anticipate the sheer processing grunt of a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Yet a healthy performance boost over existing Switch models seems probable.

  • Detachable Joy-Cons
  • Ergonomics and weight balancing
  • Battery efficiency
  • Durability

Nintendo focuses more on art style over cutting-edge graphics.

According to Bloomburg, Nintendo also working on Backwords Compatibility.

Some suggest the name change for Switch 2.

According to rumors, Nintendo working on multiple models and the new Stitch could be called Super Switch or Super Nintendo Switch similar to its Japanese version.

  • Super Play or
  • Nintendo Super Play or
  • Super Nintendo Switch

What Launch Titles Could We See?

Reliable leaks reveal several Nintendo tentpole franchises in development for the mysterious new hardware:

  • 3D Open World Mario title built with Unreal Engine 4
  • The largest scale Mario Kart ever in Mario Kart X
  • Enhanced Bayonetta trilogy with upgraded visuals/performance
  • New Donkey Kong Country said to be in the works
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake has also been tipped as making an appearance, showcasing the Switch 2’s improved graphical power

Historically Nintendo launches fresh consoles alongside hot first-party system sellers.

A new 3D Mario platformer seems one probable pack-in title candidate for the Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo has a deep back catalog of legacy content.

Reviving Virtual Console with Game Boy, GameCube, N64, and more would earn instant applause.

Backward compatibility would allow the Switch 2 to play existing Switch games.

But disappointingly, rumors suggest full backward compatibility might not happen.

For the Switch 2 to succeed without it, Nintendo would need to ensure a stellar lineup of exclusive launch titles.

What Can We Expect from the Switch 2?

While details remain scant, the Switch 2 is shaping up to be a worthy successor.

The hybrid design still seems central to Nintendo’s vision.

And with performance gains across the board, it should give players a big leap over the 6-year-old original Switch hardware.

Now to hope Nintendo nails the launch timing and pricing!

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