Ubisoft+ Subscriptions Get a Premium Upgrade


Ubisoft has refreshed its video game subscription offerings, splitting into two clear tiers: a premium plan with new releases, and a cheaper back catalog option.

How do the revamped services compare and what benefits do they offer gamers?

Introducing Ubisoft+ Premium

Previously known as Ubisoft+ Multi Access, this premium subscription has been rebranded as Ubisoft+ Premium.

For $17.99 per month, subscribers gain access to:

  • New Ubisoft releases on launch day
  • Early access opportunities
  • Premium game editions with extra content
  • Monthly reward drops like boosters & cosmetics

The subscription aims to provide Ubisoft’s biggest fans with the ultimate benefits of enjoying the publisher’s latest blockbuster games.

For example, the action-adventure Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown launched on day one on Ubisoft+ Premium.

This early access accompanies the base game too.

Ubisoft+ Classics – A Cheaper Back Catalog Option

Alongside the premium plan, Ubisoft unveiled Ubisoft+ Classics – a more affordable subscription for PC gamers at $7.99 monthly.

It offers a curated library of both popular older releases and live service games.

While not focused on providing new titles on release, Ubisoft promises to continually expand the Classics catalog over time.

So subscribers can expect to enjoy a growing suite of acclaimed franchises for a budget rate.

Initially, Ubisoft+ Classics included hits like:

  • Far Cry 6
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Watch Dogs: Legion

PlayStation owners receive Ubisoft+ Classics bundled with PlayStation Plus too.

So, there is huge value for multiplayer fans eager to jump into Siege!

What Does This Mean for Ubisoft Fans?

Ultimately, Ubisoft wants to cater to both its high-commitment fans through Ubisoft+ Premium, alongside more casual players on a budget via Classics.

There’s flexibility now to enjoy Ubisoft’s latest open-world epics or dip into evergreen favorites.

By diversifying subscription models, gamers can better choose an option that suits their finances and tastes.

Do you want early access to forthcoming releases or a back catalog companion to PlayStation Plus?

Ubisoft has you covered both ways!

As per the agreement of Ubisoft with Microsoft, more Activision Blizzard games are to be added to the service in 2024.

More great subscription value could emerge from this deal down the road.

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