What is Overplus Software? Why it’s so Controversial in Dota 2


A new controversy has erupted in the Dota 2 community over third-party Russian software called Overplus that provides users an unfair advantage during the all-important drafting phase.

Let’s break down how it works and why many fans are calling for developer Valve to ban it.

What Does Overplus Do?

Overplus is effectively a successor to now-banned apps that exploited Dota 2’s API to show a player’s hero match history and most played heroes.

It surfaces this data before a match even starts, allowing users to target and ban their opponent’s best heroes.

Knowing which heroes an enemy player favors and excels at is hugely impactful in countering them.

In a game where hero matchups are integral, this intel offers a massive edge to Overplus users.

How Does Overplus Access the Data?

By linking to user Steam accounts, Overplus can pull hero statistics from public databases like Dotabuff.

Some claim it still works even with match data hidden, implicating more dubious methods.

Is This Considered Cheating?

There’s certainly an argument that Overplus qualifies as cheating.

It relies on external tools unavailable to opponents for a tangible in-game advantage.

Also, Veterans with more hero options have a lesser advantage compared to those who have a more limited hero pool.

However, some counter it simply collates publicly available data more conveniently.

They say it is fun and healthy for growing the community.

What’s Behind the Recent Controversy?

While Overplus has been around for a while, the recent community spotlight sparked an uproar.

High-profile players adopting it reinforced perceptions of unfairness.

This prompted widespread debate and demands for Valve intervention.

What Potential Solutions Exist?

Suggestions include:

  • Banning Overplus directly through anti-cheat measures
  • Removing access to match data from public API
  • Anonymizing player IDs during the draft phase like League

Community consensus favors action from Valve given the outsized advantage Overplus enables.

But a truly unexploitable solution remains elusive.

Will Valve Step In?

Valve previously banned similar software, though new versions continue appearing.

For now, the developer remains characteristically silent on Overplus specifically.

Still, hopes remain that enough public pressure may spur Valve to address the issue in some capacity.

Will the creator of Dota 2 take action to level the playing field?

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