Palworld Developer Seeks Artist for Cute and Fun Comics, Show Samples for Desired Storyline

palworld comics

The gaming community was recently treated to an interesting announcement from Pocketpair, the developers behind the popular survival game Palworld.

The studio took to Twitter/X to advertise an open position for a comic artist, with a specific emphasis on creating content that captures the “cuteness and fun of Pals.”

What Kind of Comics is Pocketpair Looking For?

According to the tweet, Pocketpair is seeking an artist who can bring the Palworld universe to life through comics filled with the captivating antics of the game’s iconic characters, known as Pals.

Judging from the sample artwork shared by the developer, these comics could range from lighthearted tales of mischief and mayhem to…well, absolutely gut-wrenching emotional torture.

These examples represent the desired tone and style required for the comics:

  • The first example comic featured familiar faces like Lifmunk, Tanzee, and Depresso engaging in delightful mischief, showcasing the adorable and whimsical nature of the Palworld universe.
  • However, the second example took an unexpectedly poignant turn, depicting a heartbreaking scenario where an adorable Pengullet is cruelly replaced by a Chillet, leaving the poor creature to watch on in sorrow.

What Are Pocketpair’s Plans for the Comics?

While the exact plans for these Palworld comics remain unclear, speculations abound.

Some players believe the comics could be used for the game’s social media presence, while others suspect they might be part of a larger, yet-to-be-revealed project.

Palworld’s Ongoing Development and Future Plans

Palworld’s success has prompted Pocketpair to expand its development team (gradually), with the studio revealing its intentions to bring the game to more platforms (PS5 and Switch) in the future.

Additionally, the developer has expressed a desire to avoid the challenges associated with “big-budget triple-A games,” as Palworld’s profits are substantial for a studio of their size.

For Palworld fans, the game’s first raid is set to arrive “soon,” featuring an evil goth Pal as the main antagonist.

This is news in transition, as we await to determine whether this comics will assume greater significance in future Palworld projects or if they will merely serve as promotional stunts.

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