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Sony and Palworld Developer Announce New Joint Venture

Palworld, the unexpected hit of 2024 and often described as “Pokémon with guns,” is about to get even bigger. Developer Pocketpair has joined forces with Sony Music Entertainment and its subsidiary Aniplex to create a new joint venture called Palworld Entertainment. This joint venture aims to grow the Palworld universe beyond gaming. Let’s dive into the details. What’s the Goal of This Partnership? According…

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Tencent Cloud to Provide Dedicated Multiplayer Servers for Palworld

Tencent Cloud has recently teamed up with Pocketpair to provide dedicated multiplayer servers for the hugely popular game Palworld. This collaboration aims a smooth multiplayer gaming experience for “Pals” players worldwide using Tencent Cloud – “Lighthouse“. Need for Dedicated Servers “Pokemon with Guns” – Palworld has already amassed over 25 million players within just a…

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Palworld Developer Seeks Artist for Cute and Fun Comics, Show Samples for Desired Storyline

The gaming community was recently treated to an interesting announcement from Pocketpair, the developers behind the popular survival game Palworld. The studio took to Twitter/X to advertise an open position for a comic artist, with a specific emphasis on creating content that captures the “cuteness and fun of Pals.” What Kind of Comics is Pocketpair Looking…

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The Unusual Art Style That Helped Palworld Captivate 25 Million Players – Read All Insights from Recent Pocketpair’s CEO Takuro Mizobe Interview

Released in January 2024 by the small indie studio Pocketpair, Palworld racked up over 25 million players in just its first month, making it one of the fastest debuts in gaming history. Its viral success caught everyone by surprise, including Pocketpair’s CEO Takuro Mizobe. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Mizobe shared some interacting facts…

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Palwolrd-Helldivers 2 Success Not Enough to Prevent 2-10% US Gaming Revenue Fall in 2024, Need One More Big Hit before GTA 6: Circana

The gaming industry is facing challenging times, with cost-cutting measures leading to layoffs, studio closures, and game cancellations. Major releases that could boost sales are few and far between, leaving the industry in uncertainty. In an interview with, Mat Piscatella from Circana, a tracking firm, projected that the overall spending in the US gaming industry…

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The Runaway Success of Palworld: What’s Driving Millions of Players to This Indie Pokémon Killer?

Palworld’s incredible sales numbers prove this scrappy indie game is giving Pokémon a run for its money. With over 19 million copies sold(12M on Steam+7M on Xbox), Palworld has exceeded expectations and tapped into a massive audience of monster-collecting fans. But what’s behind this little game’s meteoric rise? Let’s break down the key factors propelling…

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Palworld dev Pocket Pair Teams Up with KLab for New Mobile Game

In an exciting announcement, Indie developer Pocket Pair, creator of the breakout hit Palworld, has joined forces with mobile gaming expert KLab for an exciting new hybrid-casual title. This collaboration brings together Pocket Pair’s creative indie sensibilities with KLab’s extensive mobile gaming expertise, promising a truly novel gaming experience for players around the world. The…

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