Tencent’s Top Studios Are Making Mobile Games Inspired by the Mega Hit ‘Palworld’

According to Bloomberg, Tencent’s gaming studios Timi and Lightspeed are both building mobile games taking inspiration from the viral hit Palworld. Palworld, an indie PC title released in January, has taken the gaming world by storm, becoming the world’s most downloaded new title upon its release. This open-world, survival, and crafting game with the nurture of…

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Palworld Developer Seeks Artist for Cute and Fun Comics, Show Samples for Desired Storyline

The gaming community was recently treated to an interesting announcement from Pocketpair, the developers behind the popular survival game Palworld. The studio took to Twitter/X to advertise an open position for a comic artist, with a specific emphasis on creating content that captures the “cuteness and fun of Pals.” What Kind of Comics is Pocketpair Looking…

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Nintendo Sends Legal Notice to PokeZoo IP for Blatantly Coping Pokemon

Nintendo’s notoriously litigious legal team has a new target in their crosshairs – and surprisingly, it’s not Palworld. Nintendo’s legal team has set its sights on a new target bearing an all-too-familiar likeness to Pokemon. But surprisingly, it’s not the latest creature-collecting game Palworld. While Palworld’s Pokemon mods face scrutiny, the game itself has avoided…

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