Counter-Strike 2 Patch Brings Highly Anticipated Left-Handed Mode and Buy Menu Upgrades

cs2-left-handed mode

Valve has answered the calls of left-handed players with a new Counter-Strike 2 patch.

The update allows gamers to switch between right and left-handed viewmodels on the fly, providing a much more immersive experience.

But that’s not all – there are also handy new buy menu features aimed at improving gameplay and strategy.

Can I Finally Play CS2 Left-Handed?

Yes! Left-handed players can now set their “preferred handedness” to left-handed in the settings.

Even better, you can bind a key to switch between right and left viewmodels in mid-round.

This is a game-changer for left-handed players who have long struggled with the default right-handed viewmodel.

While left-handed support is standard in many shooters, it was omitted at Counter-Strike 2’s launch despite being available in CS:GO via the console.

What’s New With the Buy Menu?

The buy menu has also received some quality-of-life improvements.

The top right of the menu now displays the minimum amount of money you’ll have in the next round, making it easier to manage your economy without mental arithmetic.

Additionally, a new “dropped weapons” panel at the bottom allows you to quickly pick up weapons your teammates have dropped in the buy area.

Any Other New CS2 Features?

  • For dedicated players, there are new optics and Settings for lining up grenade throws.
  • You can set a delay for the reticle to appear after pulling the grenade pin, customizable per grenade type.
  • The Active Duty map pool has rotated, removing Overpass and bringing back Dust 2 for Premier and pro play.
  • Weapon damage has been tweaked, with reduced kill rewards for the SG 553 and AUG.
  • Finally, Overwatch – Valve’s system allowing players to judge reported players for cheating and griefing – has returned after being disabled.

With Valve committed to years of Counter-Strike 2 updates, expect to see the developer continue refining and expanding the flagship tactical shooter.

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