What is the Wonder Creators Network in PUBG Mobile? Developer Announced Huge $100M Investment

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PUBG Mobile has taken a massive leap in supporting its creative community with the introduction of the Wonder Creators Network.

This innovative investment initiative aims to foster and acknowledge the creative and imaginative talents of its player community worldwide.

After making a $200,000 investment over the past two years, PUBG Mobile is expanding its creator reward program to greater heights, with a plan to invest $100 million+ in the next three years.

How is PUBG Mobile Investing in Creators?

PUBG Mobile’s investment in the Wonder Creators Network will encompass a range of competitions, opportunities, and incentives.

This year, PUBG Mobile is planning to provide a total prize pool of $750,000 for competitions involving creators from both the World of Wonder and the Ptopia Design Project.

Additionally, in 2024, there is an upcoming incentive program expected to be launched, valued at tens of millions of dollars, to ensure that creators receive the recognition they deserve.

What is the World of Wonder?

In the World of Wonder mode of PUBG Mobile, each new version update will introduce a designed thematic “maps contest, each with a prize pool of $50,000 and various in-game rewards.

Creators will not only earn monetary rewards but also earn experience points by creating and sharing maps they designed and by having their maps played and liked.

As they progress through different creator levels, players can unlock exclusive rewards like avatar frames, special achievements, and more, establishing themselves as accomplished creators.

From version 2.8 Update, a new WoW contest – ‘Tournament of Wonder’ – has been introduced.

The players will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite maps, while creators will compete for a monetary reward from a total prize pool of $50000 as follows:

  • Rank 1-10: $10000 prize pool ($1000 each)
  • Rank 11-50: $20000 prize money ($500 each)
  • Rank 51-100: $10000 total prize money ($200 each)
  • Rank 101-200: $10000 total prize money ($100 each)
  • Rank 201-500: 5 crate coupons
  • Rank 501-1000: 4 crate coupons
  • Rank 1001-2000: 3 crate coupons
  • Rank 2001-5000: 2 crate coupons
  • Rank 5001 and below: 1 crate coupon

Players have to visit the in-game center in the PUBGM to participate in the contest.

What is the Ptopia Design Project?

Similar to WoW (which is for map design), The Ptopia Design Project (PDP) is PUBGM’s global design competition for empowering creative outfit designers.

Originally launched as the Global Outfits Design Contest in 2020, this initiative has evolved into a platform for skilled outfit designers to showcase their talents on a global stage.

To participate, you’ll need to submit your unique outfit, weapons, backpacks, parachutes, graffiti, etc in-game designs for in-game characters.

As part of the Wonder Creators Network, PDP is included in the combined $750,000 prize pool for 2023.

Not only will the winner receive a substantial cash prize, but their design will also become an official in-game outfit.

PUBG Mobile has already incorporated 50 player-designed items into the game, and the top designs from the latest competition were introduced in July 2023.

“Coaching of Wonders” Discord Community for Newbies

PUBG Mobile understands that not everyone is an experienced creator, and that’s why they’ve established the ‘Coaching of Wonders’ Discord community.

This dedicated space is a haven for aspiring creators, where they can learn, grow, and thrive under the guidance of seasoned PUBG Mobile master creators.

Here, accomplished PUBG Mobile creators take on the role of mentors, offering valuable insights, tips, and guidance to those just starting their creative journey.

Whether you’re a newbie struggling with the basics of map design or an experienced outfit designer looking to take your skills to the next level, this community is your go-to resource.

It’s worth noting that this community is slated for integration into the game’s functionalities in the future, simplifying communication among creators.

Additionally, in a bid to further support new creators in their creative endeavors, PUBG Mobile will also be extending invitations to social media influencers to develop tutorials aimed at nurturing and enhancing the creative process.

Upcoming Creator Awards Ceremony

In upcoming years, PUBG Mobile is preparing to hold its very first Creator Awards Ceremony.

As the name suggests, the Creator Awards Ceremony is PUBG Mobile’s way of celebrating and honoring the game’s most exceptional creators.

The Creator Awards Ceremony is shaping up to be a star-studded affair, guided by well-known personalities from the gaming and esports world. These influencers and industry leaders will lend their expertise and credibility to the proceedings, ensuring that the awards and accolades are presented to the most deserving creators.

Awardees will receive unique in-game prestigious titles, in-game rewards, and custom trophies.

More information on this event will be announced soon, so stay tuned with Gaming Foodle.

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