Twitch Opens the Door for Streamers to Engage With Banned Content

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Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has recently announced a notable update to its policy concerning the viewing of content from banned streamers.

The new Suspension Evasion Policy allows streamers to engage with banned users’ content without the risk of facing repercussions themselves.

This marks a significant shift in Twitch’s approach towards suspended content creators.

What Does Twitch’s New Policy Allow?

Under the revised guidelines, Twitch streamers are now permitted to:

  • View and comment on VODs or past livestreams from suspended creators
  • React to banned streamers’ content by watching clips or highlights on stream
  • Discuss and provide commentary around situations involving suspended users

However, certain actions remain prohibited,

  • Directly hosting a suspended user on one’s channel,
  • Sharing their content without added commentary,
  • Allowing them to actively participate in one’s channel.

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Persistent Calls for Reform

While the updated Suspension Evasion policy is a step in the right direction for some, others in the Twitch community feel it doesn’t go far enough.

Critics have called for more transparency around why creators are suspended in the first place to allow for effective appeals.

There are also concerns around the seeming revolving door of suspensions for some creators who repeatedly violate Twitch’s rules, only to be unbanned a short time later.

As one user commented, “What’s the point if they keep getting unbanned for breaking the same rules over and over?”

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Staying Ahead of the Competition

Twitch’s policy move comes amid intensifying competition in the livestreaming space from upstart rival Kick.

The crypto gambling-centric platform has lured creators with promises of less stringent bans and higher streamer payouts.

As the streaming wars heat up, Twitch may be forced to further relax its guidelines and bans to retain top talent.

But doing so could put it at odds with its role as a moderating force and risk enabling more harmful behavior from edgy creators.

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