The Streamer Awards 2024: Kai Cenat Reigns Supreme as Streamer of the Year

On February 17th, 2024, the streaming world’s biggest night went down at The Wiltern in Los Angeles – The Streamer Awards.

With 28 different categories and 117 nominees, the competition was fierce to see who would be crowned the top creators across genres like Just Chatting, Variety, VTubing, and more.

Who Won the Coveted Streamer of the Year Award?

The biggest award of the night is undoubtedly Streamer of the Year.

Could 23-year-old Twitch phenomenon Kai Cenat repeat his victory from last year?

He was up against some serious competition from big names like Quackity, Ironmouse, Jynxzi, and CaseOh_.

When the envelope was opened, Kai Cenat’s name was read out – securing him back-to-back Streamer of the Year wins!

On top of that huge accolade, he also took home Best Just Chatting Streamer and a nomination for Best Streamed Event with his “7 Days In” series.

Other Notable Streamer Awards 2024 Winners

While Cenat stole the show, plenty of other creators had huge nights as well.

Here are all the winners across the categories included:

Gamer of the Year: Jynxzi 

  • Nominees: Tarik, Shroud, Clix, Kyedae

The Sapphire Award for Best Female/Marginalized Gender Streamer: Valkyrae 

  • Nominees: ExtraEmily, LydiaViolet, Fanfan, Emiru

Legacy Award: Maximilian_Dood

Streamer’s Choice Award: Liam

League of Their Own Award: ExtraEmily 

  • Nominees: Cardboard_Cowboy, Hitch, BigBossBoze

Best Variety Streamer: CaseOh_ 

  • Nominees: Fuslie, Ludwig, xQc, CDawgVA

Best VTuber: Ironmouse 

  • Nominees: Filian, Vedal987, Shxtou

Best Breakthrough Streamer: Jynxzi 

  • Nominees: Squeex, CaseOh_, Plaqueboymax

Best International Streamer: Quackity 

  • Nominees: Etoiles, Cellbit, Rivers_gg

Best Streamed Event: Creator Dodgeball World Championship ‚Äď Ludwig¬†

  • Nominees: Wild West ‚Äď NMPLol, The CDAWGVA Charity Auction, 7 Days In ‚Äď Kai Cenat

Best Streamed Series: Name Your Price ‚Äď AustinShow¬†

  • Nominees: Schooled ‚Äď Mizkif, Ordem Paranormal: Quarentena ‚Äď Cellbit, Generation Loss: The Social Experiments ‚Äď RanbooLive

Best Content Organization: AMP 

  • Nominees: OfflineTV, VShojo, OTK Network

Best Shared Channel: Nmplol 

  • Nominees: BotezLive, RDCGaming, Alveus Sanctuary

Stream Game of the Year: Lethal Company 

  • Nominees: Baldur’s Gate 3, GTA V, Only Up!

Best IRL Streamer: Jinnytty

  • Nominees: RobcDee, PapeSan, ExtraEmily

Best Minecraft Streamer: Quackity 

  • Nominees: Foolish, Tubbo, TinaKitten

Best Roleplay Streamer: Fanum 

  • Nominees: Agent00, Omie, LordKebun

Rising Star Award: NoraExplorer 

  • Nominees: Mari, HansumFella, Chiblee

Best FPS Streamer: Tarik 

  • Nominees: SuperTF, S0mCS

Best Battle Royale Streamer: IitzTimmy 

  • Nominees:¬†AsianJeff, SypherPK, Nicewigg

Hidden Gem: EverythingNowShow 

  • Nominees: GappyV, SeanDaBlack, Lanaaamaee

Best Speedrun Streamer: Wirtual 

  • Nominees: Squeex, Liam, Distortion2

Best Fighting Games Streamer: Etoiles 

  • Nominees: Sajam, Maximillian_Dood, Hungrybox

Best Software/Game Dev Streamer: PirateSoftware 

  • Nominees: CodeMiko, Vedal987, DougDoug Best Chess Streamer: Loltyler1 

  • Nominees: AnnaCramling, BotezLive, GothamChess

Best Strategy Game Streamer: DisguisedToast 

  • Nominees: K3soju, Emilyywang, BoxBox

Best MMORPG Streamer: Sodapoppin 

  • Nominees: Maximum, Asmongold, EsfandTV

Best Creative Arts Streamer: RubberRoss 

  • Nominees: Triciaisabirdy, Ariathome, Onigiri

Now, who’s ready to start campaigning for Streamer Awards 2025? Because you know the content grind never stops, baby! Let’s goooo!

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