What is TikTok’s Role in the Mobile Gaming Industry? Claimed No. 1 Platform for Gaming


TikTok claims itself to be the No. 1 platform where young gamers aged 18-24 discover new mobile games.

In collaboration with the National Research Group (NRG), TikTok has released a report highlighting its potential value for mobile game companies and marketers.

How are Modern Gamers Shaping the Mobile Gaming Landscape?

The report is based on four years of data from consumers aged 18-64 across nine countries.

According to TikTok’s report, a staggering 50% of “modern gamers” – defined as individuals who play mobile games for at least seven hours per week – actively post/share content about their gaming experiences on the platform.

Additionally, over 50% of gamers believe that a game’s popularity on social media influences their decision to play it.

Building Brand Loyalty Through Authenticity

When modern gamers enjoy a game, they tend to promote it actively.

The report indicates that modern gamers are 1.6 times more likely than the average person to demonstrate loyalty to specific brands or franchises, particularly when they find the game “culturally relevant.”

Tapping into this sentiment by creating authentic and relatable content can be a powerful strategy for building a dedicated fan base.

The Financial Impact of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is a $103 billion global business, with the average U.S.-based mobile gamer spending $17 per month on games.

Established gamers (those who played mobile games before the pandemic) spend even more, around $26 per month.

The Streaming Connection

TikTok’s report also highlights that mobile gamers are 84% more likely than the average person to consume at least 20 hours of streaming content per week.

This presents an opportunity for game developers to collaborate with popular streamers and content creators, leveraging their influencer power to reach a highly engaged audience.

The Potential of TikTok for Mobile Game Marketing

According to TikTok, advertising your mobile game on the platform could lead to increased social media buzz, resulting in more downloads, more content watched, and higher revenue.

By leveraging TikTok’s popularity among modern gamers, mobile game companies can potentially unlock a valuable marketing channel.


TikTok’s report in partnership with the National Research Group (NRG)

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