The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall Creator Announces New Unnamed Open World RPG


After over a decade spent modernizing the classic Daggerfall with Daggerfall Unity, its creator Gavin Clayton is venturing into an exciting new project – an original open-world RPG.

Daggerfall is the second game in the Elder Scrolls series released by Bethesda in 1996.

Set in the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfell, its map was rumored to be nearly the size of the United Kingdom, taking dozens of real-life hours just to walk across.

In 2014, modder Gavin Clayton began work on Daggerfall Unity, an ambitious project to remake the classic game in the Unity engine.

After over a decade of development, Daggerfall Unity was finally released in Jan 2024 to critical acclaim.

Now Clayton has announced his next project – an original open-world RPG inspired by Daggerfall and Daggerfall Unity.

A New Daggerfall-Style Game is Coming

In an interview with DualShockers, Clayton revealed initial details about his new game.

While yet to be officially named, he described it as an original title in the same vein as The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall.

Like Daggerfall, it will feature a massive open world and complex RPG systems for players to explore and master.

Clayton noted that creating a new game from scratch is very different from a porting project like Daggerfall Unity.

However, he hopes the new game will achieve even a fraction of the praise garnered by his Daggerfall remake.

Though concrete details are still scarce, Clayton said work has already begun on the ambitious project.

What We Know So Far

Here’s a quick rundown of what we know about Clayton’s mysterious new game so far:

  • An original open-world RPG, not based on any existing IP
  • Inspired by The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall and Unity
  • A large explorable world like Daggerfall
  • Complex RPG systems and mechanics
  • Mod support planned
  • Early in development, but work has started
  • Bridging Daggerfall’s Legacy

The Elder Scrolls series has inspired generations of gamers and developers with its sprawling open worlds.

Daggerfall’s vast scope and freedom of exploration were groundbreaking in 1996.

While graphically dated today, Daggerfall’s spirit lives on through continuing mods and passion projects like Daggerfall Unity.

Clayton’s upcoming game aims to channel that spirit into an exciting new experience for RPG fans.

Bethesda has kept innovating with each new Elder Scrolls entry, but Daggerfall’s sandbox legacy still captivates gamers.

As an original title inspired by Daggerfall’s style, Clayton’s game could introduce new players to that captivating magic.

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