Is Konami Planning to Bring Back Silent Hill for Modern Consoles?


Recent reports suggest Konami is considering reviving Silent Hill for modern consoles. Could classic PS1 and PS2 entries finally see remasters or remakes?

Silent Hill fans rejoice – according to new reports, Konami may be looking to resurrect the classic survival horror franchise for modern gaming systems.

Recently they released Silent Hill: Short Message and announced Silent Hill 2 remake for Next Gen PS5 in State of Play.

And Konami wants to add more to that list.

This exciting rumor comes from one of Konami’s own documentaries.

In the fourth video of their five-part YouTube series coinciding with the release of The Short Message, a Silent Hill level designer revealed that Konami approached their studio Hexadrive about potentially porting older Silent Hill games to modern platforms.

Failed Pitch Led to New Opportunity

Hexadrive had initially pitched Konami on leading the development of the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Although that project went to Bloober Team instead, Konami circled back to Hexadrive just six months later to discuss The Short Message playable teaser.

During their conversations, the Hexadrive team expressed interest in remaking more classic Silent Hill titles for modern consoles.

While it’s unclear exactly which original games are being considered, this tidbit was included in Konami’s official documentary.

Previous Attempt Faced Challenges

This wouldn’t be Konami’s first attempt at reviving the old school Silent Hill magic.

Back in 2012, they partnered with Hijinx Studios to bring Silent Hill 2 and 3 to PS3 and Xbox 360 as part of their “Summer of Silent Hill” initiative.

However, missing source code and the decision to rerecord voice work led to lackluster results riddled with technical issues.

Fans remain hopeful that new ports will prove more successful.

No Official Confirmation Yet

Konami has not yet provided any official confirmation on plans to port classic Silent Hill games to modern systems.

For now, seasoned fans and newcomers alike will have to wait eagerly for more news on whether revered early entries in the survival horror saga could receive modern revivals.

But the hints dropped in Konami’s documentary provide reason for optimism.

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