T-Pain’s GTA 6 Claim Bars Him From Beloved NoPixel RP Server


In a surprise livestream, rapper and singer T-Pain revealed he is now working on the eagerly awaited Grand Theft Auto 6.

While his specific role remains unclear, this new collaboration with Rockstar has resulted in T-Pain being barred from GTA’s popular NoPixel roleplaying server.

Who is T-Pain?

For the new, T-Pain is the stage name of Faheem Rashad Najm, a Grammy Award-winning hip-hop and R&B artist.

He has been writing, producing, and performing since 1999, collaborating with the likes of Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, and many other stars over his acclaimed career.

Beyond music, T-Pain has built a massive following through streaming games like Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto 5.

He became a fixture in GTA 5’s NoPixel roleplaying server, deeply integrating into the fan community.

But now his log-in seems under threat.

Mysterious GTA 6 Involvement

During a recent livestream, T-Pain openly claimed he is “working on GTA 6” after being told he should join NoPixel.

No further details were provided regarding his exact role, leaving fans to speculate wildly.

Is T-Pain voicing a character? Producing original songs for the soundtrack? Simply appearing as an in-game celebrity cameo?

All options seem possible for the multi-talented artist.

Barred from Beloved NoPixel RP

Unfortunately for T-Pain, his undefined involvement with GTA 6 now bars him from returning to his beloved RP server NoPixel.

He explained Rockstar believes that,

“What if somebody took your album and rerecorded it, and more people were listening to that.”

Rockstar just wants to prevent any leaks from game development and told T-Pain to stay away from sever until GTA 6 release.

But T-Pain expressed clear disappointment, having enjoyed his viral NoPixel antics.

But with Rockstar tightening control after acquiring NoPixel’s backend platform FiveM, his hands are tied.

Rockstar likely wants to avoid brand confusion between the franchises.

What’s Next for GTA?

Rockstar has a tradition of recruiting A-list musical and acting talent to enrich GTA’s immersive worlds.

With T-Pain on board alongside rumors of more high-profile names, GTA 6 promises to continue this fusion of pop culture and crime sim.

Are you ready for more GTA 6 collaborations?

Write down on it.

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