Is Naughty Dog Working on a Brand New Video Game IP After The Last of Us?


Ever since Naughty Dog officially canceled the planned Multiplayer – “The Last of Us: Factions” in December 2023, fans have wondered what the acclaimed studio could be working on next.

Well, an intriguing LinkedIn profile may provide the first concrete clues that Naughty Dog is developing an entirely new video game.

What Evidence Points to a New Naughty Dog IP?

The first clue comes from the LinkedIn profile of Naughty Dog’s employee.

On 15th January 2024, a Reddit user found the LinkedIn profile of Colin Lorimer, a creative designer and story artist at Naughty Dog.

Lorimer has worked on the studio’s acclaimed HBO show adaptation of The Last of Us, as well as the now-canceled multiplayer project The Last of Us: Factions.

However, what truly stands out is that Lorimer’s profile states he is “currently helping develop [Naughty Dog’s] latest IP.”

His work experience also lists an “Untitled Project” at Naughty Dog separate from Factions.

This strongly implies Naughty Dog has a new, unannounced video game intellectual property in active development.

While it’s possible that “latest IP” refers to New The Last of Us, using that specific wording for a decade-old franchise seems unlikely.

What Other Hints Have There Been of a New Naughty Dog Game?

In Naughty Dog’s December 2023 update announcing Factions’ cancellation, they noted the studio is working on “multiple ambitious, brand new” single-player games.

The phrasing indicates completely original titles rather than sequels or remakes.

Many fans at the time even wrongly remembered this update as outright confirming a fresh Naughty Dog world.

Between this and Lorimer’s profile, evidence is mounting that Naughty Dog’s next major project will be an all-new IP.

But What About The Last of Us Part III?

While a new franchise seems likely at Naughty Dog, some fans still cry for a third and possibly final chapter in Ellie and Joel’s saga.

However, Tommy voice actor Jeffrey Pierce revealed in December 2023 that he has yet to receive any scripts or information about a sequel.

Of course, even if The Last of Us Part III is happening, that doesn’t stop Naughty Dog from crafting an entirely original universe as well.

Thanks to their track record and sizable team, Naughty Dog can plausibly develop multiple massive titles simultaneously.

So When Will We Know for Sure What Naughty Dog is Working On?

Unfortunately, concrete details likely won’t emerge for quite some time.

Naughty Dog is infamous for playing their cards extremely close to the vest and revealing projects only when they’re closer to launch.

For now, all we can do is analyze what few breadcrumbs Naughty Dog developers leave in interviews and online profiles.

But with the studio openly seeking major talent in 2024, exciting announcements could come sooner than expected!

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